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University Handbook 2023 - 2024 
University Handbook 2023 - 2024

4.7 - Health Promotion and Wellness

The mission of Health Promotion and Wellness is to improve the balance of the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, environmental, and spiritual development of students through awareness and education. Health Promotion and Wellness strives to provide an environment supportive of positive health practices.

Health Promotion and Wellness promotes student health through three signature program areas:

  • Nutrition Services: Students can meet with a registered and licensed dietitian to get an assessment of their current eating habits and discuss nutrition for their current lifestyle, medical conditions, or other needs. Students will receive expert advice to encourage a healthy relationship with food, which may include intuitive eating education, nutrition for medical conditions, getting help with an eating disorder, sports nutrition, or other topics regarding nutrition. Cooking demonstrations are available for students to learn how to prepare easy, nutritious, and budget-friendly meals on their own. Students will not only learn new recipes, but also basic culinary skills, healthy eating, and food safety tips. Nutrition workshops are also provided to help students learn about general healthy eating, eating on a budget, fueling for fitness, intuitive eating, and body image.
  • Peer Health Outreach and Wellness Leaders (OWLs): Student volunteers who are trained and have obtained a national certification in developing, implementing, and evaluating fun interactive wellness programs for fellow students. The Peer Health OWLs make the campus healthier, safer, and more enjoyable.
  • Health Education Programs: Health education programs are provided to meet the health needs of students. Program focus areas are identified based on the results of the National College Health Assessment and may include, but are not limited to, stress management, alcohol awareness, healthy relationships, sexual health, nutrition, cooking demonstrations, body image, CPR/AED/first aid, physical activity, and general wellness.

Phone: 470-578-6394

Email: wellctr@kennesaw.edu

Website: https://wellness.kennesaw.edu/

Mailing address: 290 Kennesaw State University Road, RC1200, MD 0301, Kennesaw, GA 30144