Feb 21, 2024  
University Handbook 2023 - 2024 
University Handbook 2023 - 2024

3.7.1 - Academic Program Coordination

Kennesaw State University assigns responsibility for program coordination to an academically qualified professional for each major in a degree program and for some degrees where a major is not identified, each concentration or curriculum area for a degree program.

The academic program coordinator assures that the assigned degree program, concentration, or curricular area:

  • contains essential curricular components, and
  • has appropriate content and pedagogy.

To that end, the academic program coordinator:

  • must be academically qualified to teach in and coordinate the assigned program,
  • advises the department faculty and administrators about modifications to the program, and
  • must ensure that approved curriculum changes are communicated to the academic unit that houses the program and to the relevant academic advisors.

Each academic program coordinator is appointed by the applicable supervisor (i.e., department chair, school director, or dean).

The bylaws of the hosting academic unit must list the curricular area(s) for which an academic program coordinator is assigned. The bylaws may enumerate additional responsibilities for an academic program coordinator based on the level and/or complexity of the academic program, and/or on duties assigned by the supervisor(s). The Graduate College, in consultation with the Graduate Policy and Curriculum Committee (GPCC) and the Graduate Council, defines the qualifications and expectations of the University’s Graduate Program Coordinators.