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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art Education B.S.

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Bachelor of Science Degree
Leading to Certification for Grades P-12 College of the Arts, School of Art and Design
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This single field program is designed to prepare art teachers at all grade levels (pre-kindergarten through grade 12). It leads to P-12 teacher certification in the teaching field of art in Georgia. Candidates complete the equivalent of a major in art and a second major in pedagogical studies with an emphasis on teaching art. The program is based on the Comprehensive Arts Education and the curriculum in the teaching field includes study in studio, art history, aesthetics and art criticism. All prospective art majors are required to complete an application form and submit a portfolio of their artwork. Admission to degree programs in the School of Art and Design is contingent upon portfolio review and acceptance by the school. Portfolio submission and review must take place before a student can enroll in courses beyond ART 1100 and ART 1150.


General Education (42 Credit Hours)

see listing of requirements 

University-Wide Fitness For Living Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

Art History

(Both required by all art education majors for a total of 6 credit hours)

Senior Exhibition

Required of all Art Education Majors for graduation.

Program Total (131 Credit Hours)


1 Art education majors are required to apply for admission into the Teacher Education Program after taking EDUC 2110. Deadlines for Teacher Education Admissions are September 15, February 15, and April 15. Please refer to the TEAC Web site for further information and forms. Please see the Art Education Program Coordinator in the School of Art and Design for additional information.

2 The upper level studio courses are basic requirements. Art education students may elect to take additional course work in specific studio areas such as drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and graphic communications. Additional studio work is highly recommended for students planning to do graduate study.

3 The senior seminar and exhibition must be arranged at least two semesters in advance. Contact the Art Gallery Office for specific details and for an application.

4 Deadlines for ARED 4425 field experience: for Fall, the previous March 15; for Spring, the previous August 30.

5 Admission to Teacher Education must be completed and student must have a 2.75 GPA in order to take ARED 4470. Deadlines for ARED 4470 field experience: for Fall, the previous January 30; for Spring, the previous August 30.

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