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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

African and African Diaspora Studies B.A.

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Jesse Benjamin
Coordinator, African and African Diaspora Studies
(678) 797-2067

The Bachelor of Arts degree in African and African Diaspora Studies offers students an interdisciplinary educational experience that fosters an understanding of the global experiences of African and African-descended peoples in Asia, Europe, and Oceania. In particular, students will gain an appreciation for the diverse character of humanity, explore the complex historical and cultural relations between Africans on the continent and African-descended peoples in the Diaspora, and engage in a comparative study of issues affecting Africans in the continent and the Diasporas.

Students in the major will complete 27 hours of common requirements, including two introductory courses, research methods, foreign language, Senior Seminar, and study abroad, internship, or directed applied research. In addition, students take a minimum of two courses in each of the three concentrations: Arts and Literature; History; and Social Sciences.


General Education (42 Credit Hours)

see listing of requirements 

University-Wide Fitness For Living Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F) (18 Credit Hours)

Upper Division Major Requirements (36 Credit Hours)

Three hours from the following:

Concentrations (18 Credit Hours):

There are three Concentrations: Arts and Literature, History, and Social Sciences. With the assistance of their advisors, students are to take two courses (6 hours) in each concentration for a total of 18 hours.

AADS Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Three 3000-4000 level AADS-related courses. If elective course(s) is not listed in one of the three concentrations, it must be approved by AADS Coordinator or AADS Faculty Advisor.

Regional Breadth Requirement

Of the 27 credit hours taken in the Concentrations and AADS Electives: (1) at least 6 credit hours must explicitly focus on African Americans; (2) at least 6 credit hours must explicitly focus on Africa; and (3) at least 3 credit hours must explicitly focus on the African Diaspora in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, or Asia. Whether this requirement has been met or not is determined by the AADS coordinator or an AADS faculty advisor.

Related Studies (12 Credit Hours)

Twelve hours of upper-division studies in related disciplines. These could be courses not already taken from the above list of upper-division major requirements, foreign language, study abroad, internship, coop, and directed study as approved by the academic advisor.

Free Electives (12 Credit Hours)

Any courses in the university curriculum.

Program Total (123 Credit Hours)

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