Jun 28, 2022  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty G - M

Gainey, Barbara, S, Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 2003, MA, Journalism, 1985, BA, New-Editorial, 1977


Galloway, Linda, L, Lecturer, PHD, Secondary Schools-Math, 1995, MED, Secondary Schools-Math, 1988, BSED, Secondary Mathematics, 1985


Ganser, Lisa, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Biology, 2009, MS, Biology, 1998, BS, Biology, 1994


Gao, Hongmei, Professor, PHD, Communication, 2005, MA, Mass Communication, 2000, BA, English, 1989


Garcia, Audrey, E, Associate Professor, PHD, Spanish, 1996, MA, Spanish, 1991, BA, Communication, 1988


Gardner, Kimberly, D, Associate Professor, PHD, Teaching and Learning, Mathematics Education, 2008, MED, Mathematics Education, 1998, MS, Applied Statistics, 2012, BA, Mathematics, 1991,


Garner, Ricky, L, Professor, PHD, Art Education, 2000, MA, Psychology, 1994, BLS, Studio Arts and Architectural Design, 1989


Garofalo, David, Assistant Professor, PHD, Physics, 2008, BS, Physics, 1999,


Garrido, Jose, M, Professor, PHD, Information Technology, 1996, MS, “Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems”, 1982, MS, Computer Science, 1995, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1975,


Gayler, Richard, A, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1976, MS, Computer Science, 1990, MS, Mathematics, 1974, BS, Mathematics, 1971,


Geist, Debra, Lecturer, MS, Information Systems, 2007, BS, Information Systems, 2005,


Gentile, John, S, Professor, PHD, Interpretation, 1984, MA, Interpretation, 1980, MA, Mythological Studies, 2006, BA, “Dramatic Arts, English”, 1978,


George, Angela, A, Assistant Professor, PHD, Hispanic and Luso-Brazil Literature and Linguistics, 2013, MA, Hispanic Linguistics, 2009,


Gephardt, Katarina, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 2003, MA, English, 1997, BA, English, 1995


Gesick, Richard, A, Lecturer, MS, Computer Science, 2009, BS, Systems Science (Scientific), 1980,


Ghadge, Ravi, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Sociology, 2012, MA, Sociology, 1998, MPHIL, Sociology, 2001, BA, Sociology, 1996,


Giddens, Elizabeth, J, Professor, PHD, English, 1990, MA, English, 1983, BA, English, Literature, 1980


Giles, Alexander, L, Clinical Assistant Professor, MA, Psychology, 2000, MSN, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, 2010, BS, Psychology, 1986


Gillespie, William, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2004, MA, Political Science, 1997, BS, Business Economics, 1986


Gilliam, Kenneth, P, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1976, MED, Mathematics, 1968, MS, Mathematics, 1974, BS, Mathematics, 1964,


Gillis, Bryan, P, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, English Education, 2007, MA, Education-Elementary Education, 1990, BA, English, 1983


Gillis, Nancy, L, Lecturer, MA, Elementary Education, 1990, BS, Education-Elementary Education, 1985,


Glassmeyer, David, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Educational Mathematics, 2014, MED, Adolescent Young Adult, Integrated Mathematics, 2009, BS, Mathematics, Integrated Mathematics, 2008


Glawtschew, Rebecca, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Economics, 2012, BS, Economics, 2005,


Glover, Ebony, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2010, MA, Psychology, 2005, BA, Psychology, 2002


Goldfine, Bernard, D, Professor, PHD, Physical Education, 1988, MA, Physical Education, 1984, BA, Political Science, 1975


Goldfine, Ruth, A, Professor, PHD, English, Rhetoric and Composition Tech and Professional Writing, 2005, MA, English, 1995, BA, English, 1986


Golian-Lui, Linda, M, Librarian Professor, EDD, Educational Leadership, 1998, EDS, Educational Leadership, 1995, MS, Library Science, 1988, BA, Criminal Justice, 1986,


Golubski, Antonio, J, Assistant Professor, PHD, Biological Sciences, 2006, BS, Marine Science and Biology, 1998,


Goodsite, Michelle, B, Lecturer, MED, Adolescent Education, 2005, BS, Broadcast Communications, 1989,


Goodwin, Randall, B, Professor, PHD, Economics, 1982, BA, Economics, 1976,


Gordon, Elizabeth, D, Professor, PHD, Political Science, 1996, MA, Political Science, 1992, BA, Political Science, 1988


Graf, Karen, M, Lecturer, MA, Spanish, 2007, BA, Spanish, 1998,


Gray, Katherine, M, Lecturer, MA, English, 2009, BA, English, 2006,


Gray, Kimberly, C, Professor, PHD, Education-Curriculum and Instruction, 1998, MED, Curriculum and Instruction, 1996, BA, History Education, 1991


Gray, Thomas, E, Senior Lecturer, MA, Journalism, 1977, AB, Speech and Theatre, 1973,


Green, Andrew, W, Lecturer, MS, Information Systems, 2007, BS, Information Systems, 2005,


Green, Mary, D, Lecturer, EDS, Reading Education, 1977, MED, Reading Education, 1975, BSED, English Education, 1974


Greene, Jeffrey, D, Assistant Professor, MFA, Creative Writing, 2006, BFA, “Writing, Literature and Publishing”, 2002,


Greene, Juanne, Senior Lecturer, DBA, Business Administration, Management Concentration, 2012, MLHR, Labor and Human Resources, 1994, BS, Marketing, 1993


Gregory, Diana, G, Associate Professor, PHD, Art Education, 2002, MS, Art Education, 1998, BFA, Art, 1972


Gregory, Sarita, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2003, MA, Political Science, 1996,


Greil, Rachel, H, Senior Lecturer, BA, English, 1973, AM, English, 1975,


Greipsson, Sigurdur, Associate Professor, PHD, Biology, 1992, MS, Biology, 1989, BS, Biology, 1986


Griffin, Melanie, C, Assistant Professor, PHD, Microbiology, 2001, MS, Microbiology, 1998, BS, Biology, 1994


Griffin, William, C, Professor, PHD, French, 1980, MAT, French, 1973, BA, French; International Studies (History and Political Science), Western Europe and South America, 1971


Griffiths, William, G, Associate Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 2004, MS, Mathematics, 2001, BS, Mathematics w Minor in Physics, 2000


Grindel, Patricia, Senior Lecturer, MA, Journalism and Communication, 1987, BA, Journalism and Communication, 1980,


Grindell, Diane, F, Lecturer, MS, Human Resource Development, 1990, BSED, Social Studies Education, 1983,


Grooms, Tony, M, Professor, MFA, Creative Writing, 1984, BA, Theatre and Speech, 1978,


Grosch, Theodore, Assistant Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 1993, MS, Electrical Engineering, 1989, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1982


Guerra, Paula, P, Assistant Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, Mathematics Education, 2011, MED, Curriculum and Instruction, Mathematics Education, 2007, BA, Mathematics Education, 2001


Guglielmi, Luc, D, Associate Professor, PHD, Francophone Studies, 2004, MA, French, 2001, BA, Elementary Education, 1996


Guglielmo-Colabelli, Letizia, Associate Professor, PHD, English, Rhetoric and Composition, 2009, MA, English, 2001, BA, English Language and Literature, 1998


Guillory, Nichole, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2005, MED, Secondary Teaching, 1998, BS, Secondary Education-English, 1993


Guimaraes, Ana, B, Librarian Assistant Professor, MS, Library and Information Science, 2007,


Gulley, Jeremy, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Physics, 2009, BS, Physics, 2003,


Guo, Jin Xiu, Librarian Associate Professor, MLIS, Library and Information Systems, 2004, BCE, Polymer Chemical Engineering, 1992,


Guo, Rongkai, Assistant Professor, MSCS, Computer Science, 2008, BS, Computer Science, 2006,


Gupta, Saurabh, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 2006, MBA, Business Administration, 2002,


GuramatunhuCooper, Nyasha, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Leadership Studies, 2013, MPA, Public Administration, Policy Management, 2007, BA, French, 2006, BA, International Relations, 2006,


Gurkas, Hakki, Associate Professor, PHD, History, 2008, MA, History, 2002, BA, Philosophy, 1997


Gurupatham, Sathish Kumar, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 2011, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 2003, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1993


Gwaltney, Kevin, P, Associate Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 2000, MA, Chemistry, 1993, BS, Chemistry, 1992


Gwirtzman, Daniel, M, Assistant Professor, MFA, Performing Arts, 2007, BFA, Dance, 1999,


Habers, Natasha, L, Associate Professor, MFA, Art, 2001, BA, Art, 1996,


Haddad, Hisham, Professor, PHD, Computing and Information Science, 1992, MS, Computer Science, 1988, BS, Computer Science, 1986


Haffner, Matthew, D, Associate Professor, MFA, Photography, 1998, BFA, Photography, 1995,


Haimes-Korn, Kim, Professor, PHD, English, 1996, MA, English, 1991, BA, Humanities, 1984


Hair, Joseph, F, Professor, PHD, Marketing, 1971, MA, Marketing, 1969, BA, Economics, 1966


Hales, Michael, E, Assistant Professor, PHD, Sport Science, 2003, MS, Exercise Science, 1997, BS, Exercise and Health Science, 1994


Hallward, Maia, G, Associate Professor, PHD, International Relations, 2006, BA, Leadership Studies and International Studies, 1998,


Halstead-Nussloch, Richard, Professor, PHD, Psychology, 1978, BA, Physiological Sciences, 1971,


Ham, Chan, H, Associate Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 1995, MSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1991, BE, Electronic Engineering, 1982


Hankey, Leslie, G, Lecturer, MS, Information Design and Communication, 2010, BBA, Marketing, 1979,


Hanks, Christopher, C, Lecturer, MBA, Business Administration, 1994,


Hannan, Khyle, M, Librarian Assistant Professor, MSIS, Library and Information Science, 2012, BBA, Management, 2005,


Hansen, Jon, M, Librarian Associate Professor, MED, Instruction Technology, 1994, MLS, Library Science, 1996,


Harbort, Robert, A, Professor, PHD, Statistics & Biom. Physics, 1987, MS, Information and Computer Science, 1975, BS, General Studies, 1968


Hardigree, Christian, E, Professor, JD, Law, 1996,


Hardy, Susan, M, Senior Lecturer, MS, Applied Statistics, 1986, BS, Computational Math, 1982,


Hariharan, Govind, Professor, PHD, Economics, 1991, MA, Economics, 1984, BA, Economics, 1981


Harmon, William, K, Professor, DBA, Accounting, 1982, MACC, Accounting, 1980, BSBA, Accounting, 1977


Harper, Michael, T, Associate Professor, PHD, English Rhetoric and Composition, 1998, MA, English, 1990, BGS, English and Political Science, 1988


Harr-Lagin, Kelsey, A, Lecturer, MA, Communication Studies, 2008, BA, Sociology, 2006,


Harris, Rochelle, L, Senior Lecturer, PHD, English, 2005, MA, English, 1996, BA, English, 1994


Hart, Patricia, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Nursing, 2007, MS, Nursing, Adult Health, 2001, BS, Nursing, 1996


Haseltine, John, N, Associate Professor, PHD, Organic Chemistry, 1988, BA, Chemistry, 1981,


Hashas-Degertekin, Mine, H, Associate Professor, PHD, Design, 2004, MS, Building Design, 1999, BA, Architecture, 1995


Hauge, Xueya, Associate Professor, PHD, Molecular and Medical Genetics, 1993, MS, Biology, 1985, BS, Biology, 1982


Hayes, Sherrill, W, Associate Professor, PHD, Politics and Sociology, 2005, MS, Human Development and Family Studies, Human Development and Family Studies, 2000, BS, Human Development and Family Studies, Child and Adolescent Development In Family, 1997


He, Jing, Assistant Professor, PHD, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, 2012, MS, Computer Science, 2012, MS, Computer Science, 2002, BS, Electronic Engineering, 2000,


Hedeen, Timothy, K, Professor, PHD, Sociology, 2001, MA, Sociology, 1993, BA, Nonviolent Conflict and Change, 1991


Hedrick, Alison, B, Lecturer, MSIS, Information Systems, 2007, BS, Computer Information Systems Technology, 2002,


Helms, Jeffrey, L, Professor, PSYD, Clinical Psychology, 1999, MA, Clinical Psychology, 1996, BS, General Experimental Psychology, 1993


Hendrix, Jerald, D, Professor, PHD, Biochemistry, 1984, BA, Biology and Chemistry, 1979,


Henley, Amy, B, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 2005, MBA, Business Administration, 1998, BSBA, Accounting, 1997


Her, Leena, Assistant Professor, PHD, Education, 2008, MA, Education, 2003, BA, Psychology, 2001


Herbel, Jerry, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2001, MPA, Public Administration, 1989, BS, Public Affairs, 1983


Herbert, James, I, Professor, PHD, Organizational Behavior, 1985, MA, Organizational Behavior, 1974, MPHIL, Organizational Behavior, 1976, BS, Education, 1962,


Hermanson, Dana, R, Professor, PHD, Business, 1993, BBA, Accounting, 1986,


Hermanson, Heather, M, Professor, PHD, Business, 1993, BS, Accountancy, 1987,


Hesser, Marcia, Lecturer, PHD, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 2011, MS, Animal Physiology, 2006, BS, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 2004


Hiatt, Mark, S, Assistant Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 2009, MM, Marketing Organization Behavior Policy and Environment, 1989,


Hicks, Willajoya, C, Associate Professor, PHD, Special Education, 2000, MED, Behavior/Learning Disabilities, 1995, BA, Psychology, 1992


Hightower, Linda, A, Professor, EDD, Art Education, 2000, MVA, Studio, 1982, BA, Art, 1974


Hill, Kenneth, Senior Lecturer, MA, Human Resource Development, 1993, BM, Music, 1979,


Hill, Mary Angela, C, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1993, MBA, Business Administration, 1981, BA, English Literature, 1978


Hill, Rebecca, N, Associate Professor, PHD, American Studies, 2000, BA, History, 1991,


Hillen, Amy, F, Associate Professor, EDD, Instruction and Learning, Mathematics Education, 2005, BS, Mathematics, 1996,


Himot, Leslie, B, Lecturer, MS, Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, 1979, BSN, Nursing, 1971,


Hinds, Randy, C, Professor, EDD, Human Resource Development, 1995, MBA, Business Administration, 1976, BA, Business Management, 1974


Ho, Hai, T, Associate Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 1994, MS, Electrical Engineering, 1989, BSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1988


Hoerrner, Keisha, L, Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 1998, MA, Journalism, 1995, BS, Communications, 1989


Hoganson, Kenneth, E, Professor, PHD, Computer Science and Engineering, 1997, MS, Computer Science, 1990, BS, Business Administration, 1980, BS, Computer Science, 1987,


Holbein, Marie, F, Professor, EDD, Curriculum and Teaching, 1987, MED, Elementary Education, 1981, BS, Elementary Education, 1980


Hold, Judith, L, Assistant Professor, EDD, Instructional Leadership, 2013, MS, Public Health Sciences, 1983, MSN, Nursing, Nurse Educator, 2008, BS, Nursing, 1976,


Holdzkom, Marianne, Associate Professor, PHD, History, 1995, MA, History, 1988, BS, Drama, 1984


Holler, Emily, K, Senior Lecturer, MA, Speech Communication, 1999, BA, Speech Communication, 1997,


Holliday, Henry, E, Associate Professor, PHD, Educational Policy and Leadership, 1991, MED, Education Secondary Administration, 1977, BA, History, 1970


Holliday, Sarah, H, Associate Professor, PHD, Mathematics - Discrete and Stat. Science, 2003, MAM, Applied Math - Discrete and Stat. Science, 1999, BA, Mathematics, 1997


Hollingsworth, Carole, L, Limited Term Assistant Profess, MBA, Entrepreneurship, 1995, MIT, Internet Technology, 2011, BSBA, Management, 1993


Holm, Christina, E, Librarian Assistant Professor, MLS, Library and Information Science, 2013,


Holmes, Sarah, W, Lecturer, PHD, Dance, 2013, MA, Dance, 2002, BA, Economics, 1996


Holtz, Carol, S, Professor, PHD, Nursing, Family and Community Nursing, 1993, MS, Nursing, 1982, BSN, Nursing, 1969


Hong, Pyo-Yoon, Assistant Professor, PHD, Structural Engineering, 1994, MSE, Architecture, 1986, MSE, Structural Engineering, 1992, BSE, Architecture, 1982,


Hooks, Jerry, D, Clinical Assistant Professor, MSN, Nursing, 2002, BSN, Nursing, 1990,


Hoosier, Jennifer, L, Lecturer, MA, TESOL, 2008, BM, Music Education, 2000,


Hopper, Keith, B, Professor, PHD, Instructional Technology, 2000, MA, “Education, Curriculum & Instruction”, 1984, BS, Respiratory Therapy, 1982


Hornbuckle, Lyndsey, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Exercise Physiology, 2009, MS, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, 2004, BS, Nutrition, 2001


Horton, Donald, D, Associate Professor, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1972, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1970,


Howard, Rose, M, Lecturer, PHD, “Motor Learning, Exercise Physiology”, 1981, MED, Physical Education, 1976, BS, Physical Education, 1970


Howes, Daniel, R, Lecturer


Howes, Pauline, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 2010, MBA, Business Administration, 2005, BA, Journalism, 1977


Howrey, Shannon, T, Associate Professor, PHD, Teaching and Learning, Language and Literacy Education, 2005, MED, Elementary Education, 1996,


Howton, Amy, D, Associate Professor, MFA, Dance, 1977, BFA, Dance, 1976,


Hoyt, Kristin, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Language Education, 2005, MSED, Language Education, 1992,


Huang, Rongbing, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, Finance, 2004, MS, Agricultural and Applied Economics, 1998,


Huang, Xiao, Associate Professor, PHD, Economics, 2005, MA, Economics, 2003,


Hubbard, Daphne, W, Associate Professor, PHD, Secondary Education, 2001, MA, Secondary Education-Language Arts, 1993, BA, Public Relations, 1990


Hudson, Martin, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Biology, 2000, BS, Applied Chemistry, 1991,


Hung, Chih-Cheng, Professor, PHD, Computer Science, 1990, MS, Computer Science, 1986, BS, Applied Mathematics, 1978


Hunt, Ruston, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 1981, MS, Industrial Engineering, 1979, BS, Industrial Engineering, 1978


Hutchins, Amber, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Communication, 2008, MA, Mass Communication, 2002, BA, Journalism, 1999


Hutchins, Jennifer, D, Assistant Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 2014, MBA, Marketing, 2005, BS, Psychology, 1994


Hutchinson, Richard, N, Lecturer, PHD, Sociology, 2003, MA, Sociology, 1995, BA, Anthropology, 1981


Hwang, Kristine, H, Associate Professor, MED, Counseling Psychology, 1988, MFA, Computer Graphics Design, 1998, BA, Graphic Design, 1994


Hyon, Kathy, S, Lecturer, PHD, English, 2008, MFA, Creative Writing, 2001, BA, English, 1977


Ikegwuonu, Patricia, R, Lecturer, JD, Law, 1983, BS, Speech Communication, 1979,


Ilksoy, Erhan, Senior Lecturer, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1993, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1984, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1978


Ingram, Katherine, H, Assistant Professor, PHD, Sport Science, 2010, MS, Exercise Physiology, 1998, BS, Sport Management, 1993


Ingram, Ulrike, K, Lecturer, MA, Geography, 2005, BA, International Affairs, 1998,


Jackson, Kenneth, W, Associate Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 1980, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1976, MS, Operations Research, 2002, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1970,


Jackson, Paula, Professor, PHD, Biology, 1996, BS, Biology, 1986,


Jambro, John, D, Assistant Professor, MS, Construction Management, 2003, BS, Construction Management, 1998,


Jaramillo, Nathalia, E, Professor, PHD, Education, 2007, MED, Individualized, International Education Policy, 2000, BA, Psychology, 1997


Jean-Sigur, Raynice, E, Associate Professor, PHD, Special Education, 1999, MS, Human Development and Family Studies, 1994, BA, Special Education/Early Childhood Education, 1993


Jenkins, Larry, B, Associate Professor, MSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1989, BSEE, Electronic Engineering, 1984,


Ji, Jun, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1993, MS, Mathematics, 1985, BS, Mathematics, 1982


Jiang, Binbin, Professor, EDD, Educational Leadership, 1999, MA, TESOL, 1996, BA, English Language and Literature, 1985


Jimenez, Albert, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Educational Administration, 2014, MS, Sociology, 2004, BA, Sociology, 2000


Jin, Wenhua, Associate Professor, PHD, Linguistics, 2008, MA, English Language and Literature, 1997, BA, English Language and Literature, 1992


Joffe, David, N, Assistant Professor, PHD, Physics and Astronomy, 2004, MS, Physics, 1994, BS, Physics, 1992


Johnson, April, Assistant Professor, DPHIL, Political Science, 2014, MS, Psychology, 2008,


Johnson, Arvin, Assistant Professor, EDD, Educational Leadership, 2008, MED, Educational Leadership, Instructional Leadership, 2001, BA, Psychology, Sociology, 1998


Johnson, David, M, Professor, PHD, Linguistics, 1999, MA, Modern Languages, 1994, BA, Theology, 1990


Johnson, Joshua, M, Limited Term Assistant Profess, PHD, Political Science, 2014, BA, Political Science, 2008,


Johnson, Lisa, B, Associate Professor, PHD, Social Work, 2006, MSW, Social Work, 1996, BSW, Social Work, 1995


Johnson, Ping, H, Professor, PHD, Education, Health Education, 1997, MS, Health Education, 1994, BS, Medicine, 1982


Johnson II, John, D, Assistant Professor, PHD, Human Performance, Administration and Teaching, 2004, MS, Sports Administration, 2002, BS, Physical Education, 1999


Johnston, Linda, M, Professor, PHD, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, 2001, MS, Institution Administration, 1976, BS, Dietetics, 1974


Jones, David, E, Professor, PHD, Philosophy, 1988, MA, Philosophy, 1975, AB, Philosophy and English, 1973


Jones, Holly, G, Lecturer, MA, Humanities and Social Thought, 1999, BA, Philosophy, 1997,


Jones, Jackie, H, Associate Professor, EDD, Higher Education, 2005, MSN, Perinatal Nursing, 1991,


Jones, Tonya, C, Assistant Professor, MS, Mathematics, 1993, BS, Mathematics, 1991,


Jordan, Esther, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2010, MA, Political Science, 2005, BA, Political Science, 1998


Jorrin Abellan, Ivan, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Education, 2007, BSED, Education, 2001,


Juneja, Parminder, K, Assistant Professor, PHD, Architecture, 2010, BARCH, Architecture, 1996, MTECH, Building Science, 2000


Jung, Edward, Associate Professor, PHD, Computer and Information Services, 1994, BS, Computer Science, 1987,


Jung, Kyunghun, Assistant Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2013, MA, Experimental Psychology, 2006, BA, Psychology, 2004


Jurchenko, Jacqueline, A, Senior Lecturer, MS, Chemistry, 1996, BA, Chemistry, 1991,


Kalamas, Maria, Associate Professor, PHD, Administration, 2008, MBA, Business Administration, 1996, MS, Management Systems, 1997, BA, History, 1991, BS, Microbiology and Immunology, 1989,


Kaledin, Martina, Associate Professor, PHD, Physical Chemistry, 1995, MS, Physical Chemistry, 1991, BS, Physical Chemistry, 1991


Kane, Victor, E, Associate Professor, PHD, Statistics, 1975, MBA, Business Administration, 1982, BS, Mathematics, 1970


Kang, Lu, Associate Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 2004, MS, Chemistry, 1997, BS, Chemistry, 1994


Kang, Yang, Lecturer, PHD, Mathematics, 2007, MS, Mathematics, 2004, BS, Mathematics, 2001


Karim, Mohammed, A, Assistant Professor, DENG, Civil Engineering, 2000, MS, Civil Engineering, 1992, BSCE, Civil Engineering, 1989


Kathiresan, Kris, Limited Term Assistant Profess, PHD, Engineering Science & Mechanics, 1976, BE, Mechanical Engineering, 1971, MEAE, Aeronautical Engineering, 1973


Katzman, Brett, E, Professor, PHD, Economics, 1996, MA, Economics, 1993, BS, Economics, 1991


Keating, Kenneth, Lecturer, MS, Computer Science, 2008, MS, Mathematics, 2004, BS, Computational Mathematics, 1993


Keefe, Alison, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Agricultural Business and Econ, 2002, MS, Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, 1998, BS, Marine Biology, 1995


Keen, Diane, L, Lecturer, MSN, Advanced Care Management and Leadership, 2011, BSN, Nursing, 2008,


Kehler, David, T, Professor, DMA, Music, 2009, MM, Applied Music, 1992, BM, School Music - Instrumental, 1987


Keith, Melissa, D, Senior Lecturer, PHD, English, 2012, MA, English, 2008, BA, English Literature, 1975


Kelani, Zeynep, A, Lecturer, MS, Management, 2002, BS, Statistics, 1994,


Keleher, Michael, Associate Professor, PHD, English, Rhetoric and Composition, 2013, MA, English, 1997, BA, English, 1993


Kelley, Susanne, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Germanic Languages, 2005, MA, Germanic Languages, 1999, BA, German and International Studies, 1997


Kelly-Jackson, Charlease, P, Associate Professor, EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2008, MAT, General Science, 2004, BS, Biology, 1998


Keltner, Stacy, K, Associate Professor, PHD, Philosophy, 2002, BA, Philosophy and Literature, 1997,


Kenney, Michael, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Social Work, 2013, MSW, Social Work, 2002,


Keyser, Robert, S, Assistant Professor, PHD, Industrial Engineering, 2008, MBA, Business Administration, 1992, MS, Statistics, 2005, BSBA, Statistics, 1988,


Khalid, Adeel, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Aerospace Engineering, 2006, MS, Aerospace Engineering, 2004, MS, Industrial Engineering, 2005, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2000,


Khayati, Amine, Assistant Professor, PHD, Business Administration, Finance, 2010, MS, Business Administration, “Finance, Insurance, Real Estate”, 2003, BA, Accounting, 2000


Khazaei, Ali, Associate Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 1998, MSME, Mechanical Engineering, 1987, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1982


Kidonakis, Nikolaos, Professor, PHD, Physics, 1996, MA, Mathematics, 1991, BS, Physics, 1990


Kim, Heeman, Associate Professor, PHD, Communication/Mass Media, 2005, MA, Communication Studies, 2000, BA, Theatre, Film/Video, 1997


Kim, Helen, H, Associate Professor, MM, Violin, 1997, BM, Violin, 1995,


Kim, Hyun, C, Librarian Assistant Professor, MLS, Library and Information

Science, 2007, BA, Sociology, 1992,


Kim, Jihye, Assistant Professor, PHD, Educational Policy Studies, 2011, MS, Mathematics, Biostatistics, 2004, BS, Applied Statistics, 1997


Kim, Sung-Hee, Associate Professor, PHD, Civil Engineering, 2004, MS, Civil Engineering, 2000, BS, Civil Engineering, 1999


Kim, Yang Hee, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 1996, MA, Early Childhood Education, 1988, BA, Early Childhood Education, 1986


Kimitei, Symon, K, Senior Lecturer, MS, Mathematics, Scientific Computing, 2008, BS, Computer Science, 1998, BS, Mathematics, 1999


King, Adrienne, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Environmental Health Sciences, 2010, MS, Environmental Science, 2003, BS, Biology, 1998


King, David, A, Associate Professor, PHD, English, Interdisciplinary, 2001, MA, English, 1992, AB, English, 1990


King, Deborah, A, Senior Lecturer, MSN, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, 1999, BSN, Nursing, 1995,


King, Stephen, H, Assistant Professor, PHD, Social Work, 2009, MSW, Social Work, 1990, BA, Social Work, 1985


King McKenzie, Ethel, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 1999, EDS, Secondary Education, 1993, MA, Education, 1992, BED, Curriculum Theory and Social Studies, 1982,


Kinnick, Katherine, N, Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 1994, MC, Public Relations, 1987, BA, Advertising/Public Relations, 1984


Kirby, Vivian, S, Senior Lecturer, MA, International Relations, 1999, MBA, Business Administration and Management, 1999, BS, Microbiology and Medical Biochemistry, 1997


Kirk, Alan, B, Professor, PHD, Social Work, 1986, MSW, Social Work, 1972, BS, Psychology, 1970


Kirk, Nancy, J, Senior Lecturer, PHD, Chemistry, 1984, BS, Chemistry, 1977,


Kirsner, Beth, R, Associate Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2005, MA, Psychology, 1999, BA, Economics, 1988


Kirwan, James, V, Assistant Professor, MA, Mathematics, 2009, BA, Master of Arts in Teaching, 2007,


Klingler, Lori, Clinical Assistant Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 1984, BS, Chemistry, 1979,


Kliszczewicz, Brian, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Kinesiology, 2014, MS, Applied Physiology and


Kinesiology, Human Performance, 2010,


Klym, Kendall, Lecturer, PHD, English, 2010, MFA, Creative Writing, 2003, BA, Journalism, 1994


Kochman, Ladd, M, Professor, DBA, Finance, 1980, MBA, Management, 1972, BS, Journalism, 1967


Koether, Marina, Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 1994, BS, Chemistry, 1989,


Kokil, Uttam, Assistant Professor, MFA, Computer Graphics Design, 2004, BFA, Graphic Design, 1997,


Kolenko, Thomas, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Business, 1986, MBA, Business Administration, 1975, BIA, Organizational Development, 1974


Koppelman, Charles, Senior Lecturer, MA, Mathematics, 1972, BS, Mathematics, 1968,


Koz, Olga, O, Librarian Associate Professor, D.Mgt., Management, 2014, MLS, Library Science, 2010,


Kperogi, Farooq, A, Assistant Professor, PHD, Communication, Public Communication, 2011, MS, Communication, 2006, BA, Mass Communications, 1996


Kremer, Mark, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 1995, MA, Political Science, 1986, BA, Philosophy and Political Science, 1985


Kuemmerle, Daniel, L, Lecturer, MS, Civil Engineering, 1999, BS, Civil Engineering, 1997,


Kuhel, Karen, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2005, MA, TESOL, 1995, BA, Liberal Arts, 1993


Kulasiri, Ratnappuli, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Physics, 2005, MS, Physics, 1999, BS, Physics, 1996


Kunst, Kimberly, P, Lecturer, EDS, Teaching and Learning, 2000, MED, Reading Education, 1996, BA, English, 1995


Kuykendal, Dorothy, L, Lecturer, PHD, English, 2009, MA, English, 2004, BA, English, 2002


Lahey, Michael, D, Assistant Professor, PHD, Communication & Culture, 2013, MA, Communication & Culture, 2006, BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2001


Lance, Julie, C, Clinical Assistant Professor, MS, Social Work, 1997,


Lands, LeeAnn, B, Associate Professor, PHD, History of Technology, 2001, MA, History, 1995, BSE, Materials Science and Engineering, 1991


Lang, Donald, G, Senior Lecturer, MBA, General Business, 1988, BA, Economics, 1975,


Langub, Lee, W, Associate Professor, EDD, Curriculum Studies, 2005, MED, Early Childhood Education, 1994, BSED, Early Childhood Education, 1991


Lanning, Karen, M, Lecturer, MED, Secondary Education, 1976, BSED, English Education, 1974,


Laposata, Matthew, M, Professor, PHD, Ecology, 1998, MS, Biological Sciences, 1994, BS, Biology Education, 1992


Larisch, Scott, Assistant Professor, MSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1985, BSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1981,


Larsen, Carolee, A, Lecturer, PHD, Sociology, 1996, MA, Sociology, 1989, BA, Political Science, 1986


Larsen, Victor, Assistant Professor, MS, Mathematics, 2014, BA, Mathematics, 2009,


Lartigue, Jonathan, Assistant Professor, MS, Computer Science & Software Engineering, 2002, BA, Corporate Journalism, 1997,


Laser-Hansen, Kelli, R, Senior Lecturer, MS, Biology, 2004, BSED, Health Promotion and Behavior, 1995,


Latino, Robin, C, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, Management, 2004, MBA, Business Administration, 1994, BA, Management, 1992


Laux, Charles, C, Assistant Professor, MM, Music, 2001, BM, Music Education, Instrumental, 1996,


Laval, June, K, Professor, PHD, Romance Languages, 1973, MA, French, 1967, MA, Spanish, 1965, BA, Spanish, 1962,


Laval, Philippe, B, Associate Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1998, MS, Mathematics, 1995, BA, Mathematics, 1986


Lawless, John, Senior Lecturer, BM, Orchestral Instruments, 1983,


Lawson, M, L, Professor, PHD, Epidemiology, 1998, MPH, Public Health, 1994, BS, Biology, 1981


LeBlanc, Maurice, J, Lecturer, PHD, Mathematics, 2013, MA, Mathematics, 2010, BS, Biology, 2000


Lebaron, Alan, V, Professor, PHD, History, 1988, MA, History, 1978, BA, History, 1974


Lebish, Alan, R, Librarian Professor, MA, History, 1979, MLS, Library Science, 1982, BA, Russian, 1981, BA, History, 1977,


Lee, Changnam, Associate Professor, PHD, Special Education-Handicapped Learner, 1993, MA, English Language and Literature, 1984, BA, English Language and Literature, 1979


Lee, Gang, Associate Professor, PHD, Sociology, 1998,


Lee, Hoseon, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2013, MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2005, BSEE, Electrical Engineering, 2002


Lee, Jeongyi, Assistant Professor, PHD, Linguistics, 2005, MA, Linguistics, 2000,


Leeds, Elke, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Applied Management and Decision Science, 2007, MBA, Operations Management, 1998, BS, Business Administration, 1989


Lefebvre, Rebecca, K, Lecturer, PHD, International Conflict Management, 2013, MS, Computer Science, 1994, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1986


Leger, Thierry, A, Professor, PHD, French Language and Literature, 1995, MA, Psychology, 1987, BA, Psychology, 1985, AM, French, 1989, AS, Psychology, 1984,


Lepadatu, Elena, D, Associate Professor, PHD, Sociology, 2007, MS, Philosophy, 2000, BA, Philosophy, 1999, BA, Sociology, 1998,


Lester, Deborah, H, Professor, PHD, Clothing and Fashion Merchandising, 1982, MS, Clothing and Textiles, 1976, BS, Fashion Merchandising, 1975


Levy, Aaron, H, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, English Education, 2004, MFA, Creative Writing, 1994, BA, English, 1991


Lewin, Jonathan, W, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1970, MA, Mathematics, 1969, BS, Mathematics, 1964, BS, Mathematics, 1962,


Lewis, Catherine, M, Professor, PHD, American Studies, 1997, MA, American Studies, 1995, BA, English and History, 1990


Li, Chien-Pin, Professor, PHD, Political Science, 1988, BA, Political Science, 1982,


Li, Lei, Associate Professor, PHD, Computer Information Systems, 2007, MS, Computer Science, 2002, BS, Mining Engineering, 1995


Lieberman, Robbie, Professor, PHD, American Culture, 1984, AM, American Culture, 1981,


Lim, Woong, Assistant Professor, EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2011, MA, Mathematics, 2006, BA, Applied Mathematics, 2002


Lindsey, Douglas, B, Lecturer, DMA, Music: Performance, 2012, MM, Trumpet, 2010, BM, Music Education and Performance, 2008


Linenberger, Kimberly, J, Assistant Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 2011, BS, Chemistry, 2007,


Link, Tanja, C, Assistant Professor, PHD, Sociology, 2006, MA, Sociology, 2001,


Liu, Xuepeng, Associate Professor, PHD, Economics, 2006, MA, Economics, 2004, MA, Economics, 2001, BA, Economics, 1998,


Lo, Dan, C, Professor, PHD, Computer Science, 2001, MA, Applied Mathematics, 1990, MS, Electrical Engineering, 1992


Loe, Terry, W, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, Marketing, 1996, MBA, Business Administration, 1981, BS, Marketing, 1980


Logan, Monique, C, Lecturer, MS, Technical and Professional Communication, 2004, BA, English, 1986,


Long, Harrison, Professor, MFA, Theatre, 1991, BFA, Acting, 1988,


Long, Janice, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Interdisciplinary Health Studies, 2008, MS, Nursing, Adult Health, 1995,


Loomis, Kimberly, S, Professor, EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, 1992, MS, Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education, 1987, BS, Microbiology, 1985


Louten, Jennifer, R, Associate Professor, PHD, Medical Science, 2006, BS, Biotechnology, 2000,


Love, Keisha, M, Professor, PHD, Counseling Psychology, 2005, MSED, Education and Counseling Psychology, 1999, BA, Psychology, 1998


Loverde-Dropp, Jo Ann, M, Lecturer, MFA, Creative Writing, 2010, BS, English, 1991,


Lowder, Margaret, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Bioengineering, 2007, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 2005, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2001


Lu, Zhongjing, Associate Professor, PHD, Food Science, 2002, MS, Food Science, 1999, BS, Chemical Technology, 1978, BS, Food Science, 1996,


Lundy, Brandon, D, Associate Professor, PHD, Anthropology, 2009, MA, Anthropology, 2005, BA, Africana Studies, 1998, BA, Anthropology, 1998,


Luther, Michael, E, Librarian Assistant Professor, MS, Library and Information Science, 2010, BA, Sociology, 1999,


Lynn, Kathy, A, Senior Lecturer, MAPW, Applied Writing, 1997, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1985,


Lyons, Linda, M, Assistant Professor, EDD, Adult Education, 2013, MS, Human Resource Development, 2003,


Ma, Kuosheng, Assistant Professor, PHD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2005, MS, Biochemistry, 1999, MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2002, BS, Chemistry, 1994,


Ma, Yongli, Librarian Associate Professor, M.L.I., Library and Information Science, 1991, MED, Reading, 1990, BA, English, 1977


MacDonald, Leo, T, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 2007, MS, Engineering, 1995, BS, Engineering, 1991


Maddox, Beverly, B, Assistant Professor, EDD, Educational Administration, 1976, MS, Reading, 1974, BS, History, 1969


Maguire, MaryBeth, R, Senior Lecturer, MSN, Nurse Practitioner, 2002, BSN, Nursing, 1995,


Majumder, Sarasij, Associate Professor, PHD, Anthropology, 2009, MA, Sociology, 1999, MA, Anthropology, 2006, BA, Sociology, 1996,


Makus, Rebecca, M, Associate Professor, MFA, Lighting Design, 2007, BFA, Theatre, 2000,


Malewski, Erik, L, Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2003, MED, Higher Education, 1998, BA, Communication, 1995


Malgeri, Linda, M, Associate Professor, MBA, General Business Administration, 1977, BA, Economics, 1975,


Mallavarapu, Suma, Associate Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2009, MS, Psychology, 2004, BS, Zoology, 2001


Malluck, John, F, Senior Lecturer, PHD, Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1976, MS, Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1973, BAE, Aerospace Engineering, 1972


Maloni, Michael, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1997, MA, Business Administration, 1995, BS, Quantitative Business Analysis, 1991


Mangine, Gerald, T, Assistant Professor, MED, Physical Education, 2006, BS, Criminology and Justice Studies, 2002,


Mann-Shahane, Betty Acheson Alison, Associate Professor, PHD, Music Education, Choral Conducting, 2008, MED, Music Education, Choral, 2004, BED, Music Education, Choral, 2001


Marchisio, Gaia, L, Associate Professor, PHD, General Management, 2006, BA, Business Administration, 1998,


Marek, Pam, J, Professor, PHD, Psychology, 1998, MS, Psychology, 1995, BS, Psychology, 1993


Mareno, Nicole, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Nursing, 2009, MSN, Nursing, CNS Medical Surgical, 2005, BSN, Nursing, 2002


Markle, Gail, S, Assistant Professor, PHD, Sociology, 2011, MS, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2004, BSBA, Accounting, 1981


Marks, Beth, W, Senior Lecturer, MED, Middle Grades Education, 2000, BBA, International Business and Marketing, 1987,


Marktanner, Marcus, Associate Professor, PHD, Economics, 1997, MA, Business Administration and Management, 1992, MS, Applied Economics, 1999


Marshall, Matthew, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 2013, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 2003, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2001


Marshall, Victor, B, Senior Lecturer, DBA, Business Administration, Management, 2012, MBA, Business Administration, Career Growth, 2004, BSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1976


Marsil, Dorothy, F, Associate Professor, PHD, Experimental Psychology, 2003, MS, Psychology: Research, 1999, BA, Psychology, 1995


Martin, Elizabeth, G, Assistant Professor, BARCH, Architecture, 1987, MARCH, Architecture, 1992, MARCH, Urban Studies, 1987


Martin, Nicole, G, Assistant Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2005, MA, Psychology, 1999, MS, Psychology, 2001, BA, Anthropology and Sociology, 1996,


Martin, Robert, A, Senior Lecturer, MBA, Accounting, 1991, BS, Accounting, 1979,


Martin, Tim, Associate Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2005, MA, Psychology, 1999, BA, Psychology, 1995


Mason, Joshua, R, Lecturer, PHD, Philosophy, 2014, MA, Philosophy, 2007, BA, Philosophy, 2000


Mathew, Komal, P, Lecturer, MFA, Writing, 2006, BS, “Science, Technology and Culture”, 2003,


Mathews, Timothy, M, Professor, PHD, Economics, 2002, MA, Economics, 1998, BA, Economics and Political Science, 1996


Mathis, Robin, S, Lecturer, PHD, Edu Human Resource Development, 2010, MA, Communication Studies, 2004, BA, Communication Studies, 1999


Mathisen, Richard, E, Professor, PHD, Marketing, 1977, MBA, Marketing, 1970, BS, Marketing, 1969


Matson, Ronald, H, Professor, PHD, Biology, 1987, MS, Biology, 1980, BS, Zoology, 1976


Matthews, Kathy, L, Assistant Professor, MA, Literature, 1978, BA, English, 1976,


Mattord, Herbert, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Information Systems, Information Security, 2012, MBA, Business Administration, 1982, BBA, Management Information System, 1979


Mauge-Lewis, Carole, Professor, MFA, Graphic Design, 1989, BFA, Graphic Design, 1984,


Mayeed, Mohammed, S, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 2002, MSE, Mechanical Engineering, 1997, BSE, Mechanical Engineering, 1995


Mayo, Charles, M, Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 1993, MA, Marketing, 1989, MS, Communication, 1976, BS, Journalism, 1975,


Mays, Valerie, W, Professor, PHD, Developmental Psychology, 1985, BA, Psychology, 1980,


Mazzotta, Stefano, Associate Professor, PHD, Management-Finance, 2005, MBA, Finance, 2000, BS, Economics and Commerce, 1992


McAlpine, Cheryl, G, Associate Professor, EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, English, 1995, MA, English, 1984, BA, Sociology, 1978


McCafferty, James, T, Assistant Professor, PHD, Criminal Justice, 2013, MS, Criminal Justice, 2007, BA, Criminal Justice, 2003


McCarthy, Maureen, Professor, PHD, Applied Behavioral Studies, 1992, MS, Applied Behavioral Studies in Education, 1984, BS, Psychology, 1981, BS, Sociology, 1981,


McClane, Leslie, M, Lecturer, MA, Counselor Education, 1981, MA, Psychology-Clinical, 1997, BA, English/Elementary Education, 1978


McClatchey, Irene, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Social Work, 2006, MSW, Social Work, 1989,


McClintock, Diana, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Art History, 1998, MA, Art History, 1986, BA, Art History, 1983, BA, Political Science, 1983,


McComb, James, M, Lecturer, MACC, Accounting, 1996, BA, International Affairs, 1989,


McCoy, Judith, A, Lecturer, MA, Special Education, 1974, MS, Library and Information Services, 1979, BSED, Elementary Education, 1971


McDaniel, Brent, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, 2005, MS, Physics, 1997, BS, Physics, 1995


McDaniel, Paul, N, Assistant Professor, PHD, Geography, 2013, MA, Educational Leadership, 2007, MS, Geography, 2006, BS, Geography, 2004,


McElroy, Thomas, C, Associate Professor, PHD, Biological Sciences, 1999, MS, Biological Sciences, 1995, BS, Biological Sciences, 1991


McFall, Kevin, S, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 2006, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1997, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1995


McGarey, Donald, J, Professor, PHD, Biology, 1991, MS, Microbiology, 1987, BS, Microbiology, 1984


McGovern, Bryan, P, Associate Professor, PHD, History, 2003, MA, History, 1997, BA, History, 1990


McGrath, Laura, L, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 2003, BA, English, 1998,


McGrew, Amanda, L, Limited Term Instructor, MA, American Studies, 2011, BA, History, 2003,


McKelvey, Stephen, C, Senior Lecturer, MA, Political Science, 1983, AB, Political Science, 1981,


McKinzey, Jane, C, Assistant Professor, PHD, Social Studies, 1999, EDS, Social Studies, Broad Field Social Studies, 1993, MA, Secondary Education, 1968, AB, Political Science, 1967,


McLaughlin, Noah, J, Senior Lecturer, PHD, French, 2007, MA, French, 2002, BA, French, 2000


McLester, Cherilyn, N, Associate Professor, PHD, Education, Exercise Science, 2007, MS, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, 2004, BS, Kinesiology, 1998


McLester, John, R, Professor, PHD, Human Performance, 2000, MA, Human Performance, 1997, BS, Exercise Science and Wellness, 1994


McMahon, Jennifer, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Sociology, 2009, MA, Sociology, 2005, AB, Criminal Justice, 2000, BS, Psychology, 2000,


McMorran, Andrew, G, Associate Professor, PHD, Computational & Applied Math, 1990, MS, Computational & Applied Math, 1986, BS, Mathematics, 1984


McMurry, Jonathan, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Biochemistry, 2002, MS, Biology, 1996, BS, Biology, 1991


McNamara, Corinne, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Psychology, Experimental Psychology, 2004, MA, Neuroscience, 2000, BA, Psychology, 1997


McNeal, Joel, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Biology, 2005, BA, Biology, 1999,


McNeill, Stephen, J, Senior Lecturer, PHD, Media and Communications, 2009, MA, Media Production, 2004, BS, Journalism/Advertising, 2001


Meadati, Pavankumar, Associate Professor, PHD, Engineering with a Specialization in Construction, 2007, MTECH, Civil Engineering, 2000, BE, Civil Engineering, 1998


Meades, Glen, D, Lecturer, PHD, Biological Sciences, 2010, MS, Biochemistry, 2005, BS, Physics, 1999


Meadows, Feland, L, Professor, PHD, Education, 1970, BA, “Political Science, Earth Science and Education”, 1951,


Meals, Cory, D, Assistant Professor, MM, Conducting, 2012, BM, Music Teacher Education, 2002,


Melnik, Mikhail, Associate Professor, PHD, Economics, 2003, MA, Economics, 1998, BS, Economics w minor in Physics, 1995


Meng, Liuxi, Associate Professor, PHD, Asian Studies, 2003, MA, English, 1996, BA, Chinese Language and Literature, 1982


Mero, Neal, P, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, Management, 1994, MBA, Business Administration, 1985, BS, Business and Management, 1981


Mesbahi, Mehrdad, Associate Professor, MSCE, Civil Engineering, 1983, BSCE, Civil Engineering, 1979,


Michota, Cynthia, M, Limited Term Instructor, MA, Political Science, 2006, BA, Political Science, 2000,


Miles, Michelle, R, Limited Term Assistant Profess, PHD, English, 2011, MPHIL, Anglo-Irish Literature, 2002, BA, English, 1999, BA, Modern Languages and Literature, 1999,


Miller, Tom, W, Professor, DBA, Quadruple-bend Achromatic/Statistics/Economic Analysis, 1974, MA, Economics, 1968, MBA, Quantitative Business, 1973, BS, Social Studies, 1965,


Miner, Leslie, M, Lecturer, MSN, Parent Child Nursing, 1993, BSN, Nursing, 1985,


Misoc, Florian, Associate Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 2007, MS, Engineering Technology, 1999, BSE, Physics, 1989


Mitchell, David, B, Professor, PHD, Child Psychology, 1982, MA, Psychology, 1978, BA, Psychology, 1976

Mitchell, Mark, B, Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 1984, BS, Chemistry, 1978,


Mitchelson, Matthew, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Geography, 2010, MA, Geography, 2005, BBA, Finance, 2001


Mixson-Brookshire, Deborah, Associate Professor, MBA, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, 2000, BBA, Accounting, 1996,


Molitoris-Miller, Susanna, Assistant Professor, PHD, Education, 2013, MS, Mathematics, 2009, BS, Mathematics, 2007


Monaghan, Marietta, Lecturer, MS, Architecture, 2009, MS, Art History, 2004, BFA, Art History, 1970, BFA, Drawing and Painting, 1970,


Montgomery, Robert, C, Associate Professor, PHD, Education, Teaching and Learning, 2009, MA, Education, Teaching and Learning, 2001, BS, Communication Education, 1995


Moodie, Douglas, R, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1996, MBA, Business Administration, 1987, MS, Operations Research, 1989, BS, Engineering, 1973,


Moomaw, Ellen, W, Associate Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 2007, MS, Biochemistry, 1984, AB, Biology, 1982, AB, Chemistry, 1982,


Moore, Julie, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Informational Systems Technology, 2003, MED, Secondary Education, 1989, BSED, Education, 1985


Moran, John, P, Professor, PHD, Political Science, 1998, MPHIL, Political Science, 1995, BS, Russian, 1986


Morgan, Amanda, W, Assistant Professor, MFA, Theatre, 2009, BA, Music, 2006, BA, Theatre, 2006


Morgan, Nina, Y, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 1994, MA, English, 1989, BA, English, 1987


Morrissey, Julia, J, Assistant Professor, PHD, English, 1983, MA, English, 1979, BA, English, 1974


Mosholder, Richard, S, Associate Professor, JD, Law, 1980, PHD, Education: Educational Policy and Leadership, 2007, MA, Education: Educational Policy and Leadership, 2006, MS, Food Science and Nutrition, 1976, BA, Zoology, 1972,


Msimanga, Huggins, Z, Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 1988, MS, Chemistry, 1983, BED, Educational Administration and Supervision, 1979, BS, Chemistry, 1975,


Munson, April, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Art Education, 2009, MA, Art Education, 2005, BA, Art Education, 2001


Murray, Mary, G, Professor, PHD, Information Systems, 1999, MBA, Business Administration, 1997, MS, Education, 1983, BS, Elementary Education, 1978,


Mutchler, Troy, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Biological Sciences, 2004, MS, Biology, 1998,


Mutlu, Canan, Assistant Professor, BA, Business Administration and Management, 2007,


Myers, Marrielle, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mathematics Education, 2014, MED, Mathematics Education, 2007, BS, Mathematics, 2003


Myers, Rachel, E, Associate Professor, PHD, Nursing Science, 2010, MSN, Nursing Administration, 1999, BSN, Nursing, 1990


Mzoughi, Taha, Professor, PHD, Physics, 1990, MS, Physics, 1982, BS, Physics, 1980