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2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Artificial Intelligence, MS

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Program Description

The Master of Science with a major in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an innovative 30-credit hour interdisciplinary program tailored for individuals seeking advanced knowledge in the rapidly evolving domain of artificial intelligence. The program will typically take 1.5 years to complete for full-time students, but it will be possible to complete it in one year (3 semesters). This interdisciplinary degree integrates knowledge from the fields of Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. It provides students with in-depth studies of the core principles and technologies in artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, cognitive computing, natural language processing, computer vision, human machine teaming, AI’s ethical implications, as well as utilizing opportunities via course projects, term projects, thesis or capstone projects to explore their application in different sectors, including defense and homeland security, ecommerce, engineering, finance, healthcare etc.

The program provides students with skill-building opportunities in artificial intelligence research, advanced project development, and industrial internships. The emphasis of the Artificial Intelligence, MS program is on experiential learning and problem solving. The capstone model of the program will include a required capstone course, in which students will demonstrate the knowledge learnt in the courses by conceptualizing, designing, and executing an AI-driven project, addressing real-world challenges. The thesis model of the program will require impactful research and completion of a 6-credit hour thesis in which students will design, conduct, and present an original study in artificial intelligence research, demonstrating in-depth knowledge and contribution to the field.


This program is a part of the College of Computing and Software Engineering 


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 Admission, Enrollment, and Graduation Policies

Admission Requirements

The following are program-specific requirements beyond the general Graduate Admissions  requirements. To be considered for admission to this program, the following application materials must be submitted to the KSU Graduate Admissions Office:

  1. Resume/Vita required.  
  2. Students with an undergraduate degree in non-computing discipline must show evidence of programming competency and have satisfactory coursework. Applicants lacking foundation knowledge may be required to complete the following 5000-level foundation courses:
  • CS 5000 Foundations of Programming
  • CS 5040 Data Structures and Algorithms

Graduation Requirements 

Each candidate must petition to graduate at least one semester prior to completion of program requirements. For more information, please view the corresponding section of Academic Policies: 5.0 PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS & GRADUATION .


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Program Course Requirements

Program Track (18 Credit Hours)

Students must select one of the following tracks: 

Thesis Track

Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)

Elective Courses (9 Credit Hours)

Students must complete 9 credit hours from the AI Electives list. 

Capstone Track

Required Course (3 Credit Hours)

Elective Courses (15 Credit Hours)

Students must complete 15 credit hours from the AI Electives list. 

AI Electives

Program Total (30 Credit Hours)

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