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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Information Technology, BSIT

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Contact Information

Phone: (470) 578-3803

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree, has the primary objective of meeting the high demand for professional degrees in the strategy, development and administration of integrated computing, management, and information technology systems. The degree has core requirements, major requirements and required electives. The major contains those courses considered fundamental to the information technology field and the electives give the student some flexibility in choice.

Progression Requirements

This program does not have specific admission requirements and only admission to Kennesaw State University is required. However, progression through the program requires students to successfully complete or transfer the equivalent of IT 1114 IT 1114L CSE 1321 , and CSE 1321L  with a grade of ‘C’ or better in all four courses.

Graduation Requirements

Each student is expected to meet the Academic Policies Graduation Policies and Procedures  outlined in the Academic Policies section of the Catalog.


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Double Owl Pathway

This program offers a Double Owl Pathway. The Double Owl Pathway is an advising pathway for high-potential KSU undergraduate students who want to accelerate the attainment of a Master’s degree at KSU. For pathway options and to learn if you qualify, visit

Program of Study

General Education Core Curriculum (Areas A-E) (42 Credit Hours)

General Education Core Curriculum  

General Education Core Curriculum Requirements Specific to the Major

Science Majors must take MATH 1113  or higher in Area A2 and MATH 1190  or higher in Area D1.

Science and Engineering Majors must take two four-hour laboratory sciences in Area D2. Students must choose from CHEM 1211  /CHEM 1211L , CHEM 1212 /CHEM 1212L , PHYS 1111 /PHYS 1111L *, PHYS 1112 /PHYS 1112L , PHYS 2211 /PHYS 2211L *, PHYS 2212 /PHYS 2212L , BIOL 1107 /BIOL 1107L , or BIOL 1108 /BIOL 1108L .                                                                                    

*Students cannot take both PHYS 1111/L and PHYS 2211/L nor PHYS 1112/L and PHYS 2212/L.

Upper Level Concentrations (15 Credit Hours)

All BSIT students are required to take a minimum of 15 credit hours in an upper-level concentration. They choose one of the four concentrations and complete any 4 of the courses listed for that concentration. The 5th course in the concentration can be a course from that same concentration or one of the other concentrations or IT Special Topics course or CSE Internship course.

Free Electives (5 Credit Hours)

Any course in the university curriculum.

Program Total (120 Credit Hours)


All IT, CS, CSE, SWE and CGDD designator courses must have a grade of ‘C’ or higher. Students must earn a grade of “B” or higher in CSE 1321/L and CSE 1322/L.

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