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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education, Ed.D. (English, Chemistry, History and Mathematics Concentrations)


(Teaching Fields: Chemistry, English, History, or Mathematics)

The Ed.D. with a major in Secondary Education is designed for candidates who possess a  teaching certificate and hold a master’s degree in a Georgia Professional Standards Commission recognized area of certification. Through this program candidates develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to serve as learner-centered specialists engaging in scholarly inquiry and research. Through the cognate and electives they deepen their expertise in a chosen area of study. This program of study thus provides the skills necessary to synthesize theory and practice through further examination of theoretically-based curriculum development, understanding of global education issues, and inquiry into making education equitable, democratic, humane, and socially just. The Ed.S. with a major in Secondary Education is fully embedded in the Ed.D. program. Those students who complete the Ed.S. with a major in Secondary Education at Kennesaw State may apply their entire program of study to the Ed.D. Those students who have completed their Ed.S. at another institution will be eligible to have their transcripts analyzed and can possibly receive up to 21 hours credit toward the Ed.D.

To complete the program, candidates take 27 credit hours in Education and Research Core courses, 24 credit hours in major area 1 teaching field pedagogy and area 2 teaching field content courses, 6 credit hours in cognate/guided electives, and 9 credit hours in dissertation.

Admission Requirements 

Candidates must meet Kennesaw State University’s general admission requirements for graduate school, as well as specific admission requirements for the Bagwell College of Education.  Please refer to the Secondary and Middle Grades Education Website through the following link with regards to specific admission requirement:

Major (24 Credit Hours)

Teaching Field Pedagogy and Teaching Field Content

Area 2: Teaching Field Content (15 Credit Hours)

ALL candidates take a Technology Course (3 hours). Select from the following:

Technology Course (3 Credit Hours)

All candidates take a Technology Course. Select from the following:

Teaching Field Content Courses (12 Credit Hours)






Note: In addition to teaching field content courses, the following education courses can be taken (WITH FORMAL ADVISOR PRE-APPROVAL) to satisfy requirements in Area 2: EDUC 7725 - Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Content Field ; EDUC 7710 - Principles, Trends, and Issues in Standardized Educational Testing; EDUC 7702 - Best Practices in Secondary Schools (for secondary majors only); EDUC 7705 - Assessment and Evaluation in the Content Area; EDUC 7706 – Motivation.

Cognate/Guided Electives (6 Credit Hours)

With advisor approval.

Dissertation (9 Credit Hours minimum)

Program Total (66 Credit Hours minimum)

Students may be awarded the Ed.S. after completion of 30 hours; please see Ed.S. program of study for required coursework.