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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, MS

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The Department of Computer Science at Kennesaw State University offers the accredited program of graduate study leading to the degree of Master of Science with a Major in Computer Science (MSCS). The MSCS program serves as both a research program training computer scientists and a professional program training industry practitioners. In order to serve these two audiences, the program provides the following four program models. MSCS students can choose any one of these four models to pursue their MSCS degrees.

MSCS Program Model Options:

  • THESIS MODEL (36 hours at the 6000 level or above): The thesis model is designed for students who plan to conduct computer science research under the supervision of faculty members in selected areas, consisting of: a 12 hour program core,  elective courses (15-18 credit hours), 6-9 hours thesis, and conference paper submissions. Students choose this model should work with a faculty thesis advisor. Thesis needs to be defended and approved by a thesis committee that consists of at least 3 members.
  • PROFESSIONAL PRACTITIONER MODEL (36 hours at the 6000 level or above): 12 hour program core, one 6-hour track, any 6 elective courses (18 hours).
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY MODEL (36 hours at the 6000 level or above): 12 hours of program core, one 6-hour interdisciplinary option, any six elective courses (18 hour).
  • TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIALIZATION MODEL (36 hours at the 6000 level or above): 12 hours of program core, 9-hour technology commercialization track with project, any five elective courses (15 hour). Students choose this model should work with a faculty supervisor. The study plan needs to be approved by the program director.

The MSCS features excellent curriculum that blends theoretic foundations of computer science with the state-of-the-art computing technologies. Major areas of study include big data analytics, cybersecurity, high performance computing, multimedia, mobile and game development, and machine learning and artificial intelligence. The program provides students with opportunities in computer science research, advanced project development, industrial internship, and interdisciplinary study. At most six credits may be in one of the areas from Statistics, Information Technology, or Software Engineering. The MSCS program has a number of premium features, including the integrated use of distance learning technology with intensive faculty-student interactions. Students have a choice of attending class on-campus, remote but “live” at the assigned class time, or remote and viewing the recorded lecture at their convenience. Moreover, the MSCS program is structured with both full-time and part-time study options in order to provide students with maximum flexibility of study. Outstanding students may apply for graduate research assistantships, subject to funding availability.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Meet all KSU Graduate College Admission Requirements.
  2. GRE Score required except for those who:
    1. Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or above, OR 
    2. Have at least 10 years of working experience in CS related fields. 
  3. Resume/Vita required.
  4. Two letters of recommendation.
  5. Undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
  6. 2.75 Minimum GPA for students with an undergraduate degree in a computing discipline, OR
  7. 2.75 Minimum GPA for students with an undergraduate degree in a noncomputing discipline. AND must show evidence of programming competency, and have satisfactory coursework or work experience. Applicants lacking foundation knowledge may be provisionally admitted and required to complete the Computer Science Foundations, Graduate Certificate  , which consists of the following 5000-level foundation courses (if a student is required to take any foundation courses for MSCS, the grades of those courses need to be B or A):
  • CS 5000   Foundations of Programming 
  • CS 5020   Computer Architectures and Operating Systems (3-0-3)
  • CS 5040  Data Structures and Algorithms (3-0-3)
  • CS 5060   Databases: Design and Applications (3-0-3)
  • CS 5070   Mathematics Structures for Computer Science (3-0-3)

Required Common Core (12 Credit Hours)

Students must satisfy the requirements of topic coverage in each of the following 6000-level core course areas, as approved by the program director.  

CS Elective Track (6 Credit Hours)

Thesis (6-9 Credit Hours)

Approved Interdisciplinary Track Options

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