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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering Technology, B.S.

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Engineering Technology is a branch of engineering education that emphasizes the practical aspects of engineering rather than abstract concepts or theories. It is a blend of the application of science, engineering knowledge, and technical skills used in support of engineering activities. The Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program prepares graduates to enter the technical workforce in a variety of fields. Communications, instrumentation, automation, control systems, power, robotics, computers, and medical electronics are but a few of these fields. Within these fields, Electrical Engineering Technology graduates are typically involved in areas such as: development, design, quality assurance, technical documentation, production, maintenance, test, field service, or technical sales.

Laboratory experiences are important components of the EET curriculum. Most EET lecture courses have an associated laboratory course that must be taken concurrently. Also, EET students are required to take ECET 4900 Senior Capstone Design Project as part of their 13 hours of EET electives. Any non-required upper division (3XXX/4XXX) ECET course, with the exception of ECET 3000, may be used for the remainder of their EET electives. Students may also choose one course from outside the major to count as an EET elective. Contact the EET Department to obtain a list of acceptable courses from outside the major that count as an EET elective.

The Electrical Engineering Technology degree is designed to allow flexibility in the choice of EET electives. As an option, students may wish to choose two or more of their electives from a particular focus area.

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Electrical Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

General Education (42 Credit Hours)

See listing of requirements.    

General Education Requirements Specific to This Major


* PHYS 1111, PHYS 1111L and PHYS 1112/PHYS 1112L may be substituted for  PHYS 2211/PHYS 2211L and PHYS 2212/PHYS 2212L.

Electrical Engineering Technology Electives (13 Credit Hours)

Students may take a combination of any 3000 or 4000 level ECET or REET course approved by the department chair to meet 13 credit hours. Students must take ECET 4900   Senior Capstone Design as an elective.  Students may wish to focus their EET electives in a particular area of Electrical Engineering Technology. Suggested choices in the areas of communications, embedded systems, and power, are listed below: 

Program Total (128 Credit Hours)

University-Wide Degree Requirements


Note: Program is exempt from the WELL 1000 course requirement

Graduation Credit Hour Total (128 Credit Hours)

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