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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accounting B.B.A.

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Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
Coles College of Business, School of Accountancy
(770) 423-6084

The faculty of the School of Accountancy strives to be a team of creative, highly qualified professionals dedicated to preparing students for entry-level opportunities and long-term career success. The faculty also makes meaningful contributions to the professional and academic accounting communities.

Accounting provides the tools to measure , interpret and communicate economic information for decision-making. A basic understanding of financial and managerial accounting information is necessary for all business majors. Accounting majors develop their knowledge of accounting within the framework of accounting information systems. The development of a student’s technical, communication, computer, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills are critical consequences of the program.

Upon graduation, Accounting majors have a wide range of job opportunities. Many go into public practice (CPA firms), which involves independent auditing, accounting, consulting and tax services to clients. This is the traditional path for becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Others choose private accounting, becoming financial, tax, systems or managerial accountants or internal auditors in business and industry. Still others enter the specialized field of not-for-profit accounting. Accounting also serves as a solid background for graduate work in any business area or law. Many find rewarding lifetime careers in Accounting; others use it as a stepping stone to high-level management positions.

The State of Georgia requires everyone who wishes to be licensed as a CPA to have five years of education (150 semester hours), including a baccalaureate degree. 123 hours are required to earn the bachelors degree; hence 27 additional hours are needed. While these can be undergraduate hours, the faculty recommend that prospective CPAs earn a Masters degree to satisfy the five year requirement.

Business majors must meet the Coles College Sophomore GPA Requirement. In addition, Business majors must earn a grade of “C” or better in the major field courses that constitute the lower Division Major Requirements (lower division business core) and the Upper Division Major Requirements (including upper division business core courses, information technology requirement, major field requirements, and major field electives).

General Education (42 Credit Hours)

(see listing of requirements) 

University-Wide Fitness For Living Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

Upper Division Major Requirements (45 Credit Hours)

Information Technology Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

Additional Requirements

Students should select their (3) major field elective courses and their business and nonbusiness electives after careful consideration of career and/or graduate school aspirations. Discussions with faculty are advisable. Some suggested elective course combinations are listed below.


Students who intend to begin their careers in public accounting (CPA firms) should take:


Students who plan to enter KSU’s Master of Accounting degree program should take:


Students who wish to intensify their studies in the area of technology should consider completing the Information Technology (IT) Certificate. See science.kennesaw.edu/csis/itcert or call 770-423-6005 for complete details. The certificate includes 15 hours of course work in the IT area. Six of those hours will fit in the Non-business Electives section of the program.

Business Electives (9 Credit Hours)

  • Nine hours of credit from upper-division (3000/4000) course offerings outside the major, but inside the Coles College of Business. (A maximum of nine hours of credit in Co-Ops and Internships may be used in this area. Co-Ops and Internships may not be used in any other area.)

Non-Business Electives (6 Credit Hours)

  • Six hours of credit from any lower-division (1000/2000) or upper-division (3000/4000) non-business courses offered at Kennesaw State.

Program Total (123 Credit Hours)

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