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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Studies B.S.

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Bachelor of Science Degree
University College
(770) 423-6930
http://www.kennesaw.edu/university_ studies/ids/Interdisciplinary_Studies_program.pdf

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students flexibility to custom-design a curriculum that will help them meet their personal and professional goals. To ensure a coherent and intellectually challenging degree plan, an IDS major must construct a written rationale explaining how combining two (or three) disciplines addresses the student’s personal and career goals. Each student will be required to meet with one of the IDS Co-Directors in the Department of University Studies to draw up the proposed curriculum and formulate the rationale. For information about the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree, contact Shannon Ferketish in University College at 770-423-6930. For additional information, visit http://www.kennesaw.edu.universitystudies/ids/index.shtm.

An IDS major must have an adjusted GPA of 2.5 to be accepted into the program and must maintain this GPA through graduation. Please note that special GPA requirements apply to the use of business courses in one of the disciplinary areas, and that only 27 hours of lower- or upper-level business-related courses may be used toward an IDS degree.

In summary, an IDS student must

  • Work with an IDS advisor to construct a degree plan combining at least two disciplines
  • Take 39 hours in upper-division courses, primarily in these disciplines
  • Write a formal rationale for the degree explaining why the personal and professional goals outlined there justify pursuing an IDS degree (as opposed to a more traditional major)
  • Include in their IDS curriculum some summative experience, through research, coursework, internship, or practicum, to given an applied focus to the degree.*

*IDS majors are strongly urged to enroll in IDS 3100, “Interdisciplinary Research Methods: IDS 3100,” which will count toward the requirement that they show proficiency in applying and integrating their two majors.

Once an IDS proposal is complete, the IDS coordinator will send a copy to each discipline’s department chair or designated representative for evaluation and approval. When the proposal is fully approved, with all requisite signatures (including that of the student), the Department of University Studies will be responsible for submitting the completed proposal to the Registrar’s Office. This process must be completed at least 2 semesters before the student graduates.

The following is the proposed curriculum for the major in Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.

General Education (42-44 Credit Hours)

University-Wide Fitness For Living Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

*Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F) (18 Credit Hours)

*Upper Division Major Requirements (39 Credit Hours)

Consisting of a minimum of 12 credit hours in each discipline, with a minimum of two disciplines. Each discipline must include courses focusing on a single theme (although they may represent diverse departments) and be consistent with career and educational goals.

*Related studies (9 Credit Hours)

General Electives (12 Credit Hours)

Program Total (123 Credit Hours)


*These areas are to be planned closely with an IDS advisor and must be approved by department chairs or other representatives of the major disciplines selected for the degree.

Any changes to an approved IDS proposal must be re-evaluated and approved by an IDS advisor as well as the appropriate department chairs.

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