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2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University College

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University College provides university-wide academic and administrative support and leadership in matters involving certain undergraduate programs, courses and academic support services. The college also provides assistance and support to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs in a variety of university-wide curricular concerns and administrative activities. The college serves as the academic home for exploratory students who have not yet declared an academic major. The Dean of University College provides leadership in the administration of university-wide scholarships, guidance on transfer credit, decisions regarding substitutions for the general education program, and works with other campus offices regarding advanced placement. The Dean of University College works closely with the General Education Council and the Council on Undergraduate Academic Advising. The Dean of University College, jointly with the Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Services, oversees the activities of the Center for Student Leadership.

Programs of Study

Along with other campus departments, colleges, and schools, the Dean of University College works to maintain the high quality programs that have long characterized Kennesaw State University. Together with the solid faculty of KSU, University College focuses on student academic excellence and success.

Additionally, University College maintains a central role in advancing certain interdisciplinary programs on campus. The Department of University Studies within University College offers students a degree program in Interdisciplinary Studies.

This Interdisciplinary Studies degree program directly reflects and advances several aspects of the institutional mission at the baccalaureate level. Building on the general education program, an interdisciplinary studies degree continues to advance the liberal arts tradition at the heart of Kennesaw State University. Given the collaborative and integrative nature of this degree, it both broadens and deepens the current degree offerings, while at the same time ensures a focused, deliberate custom-designed degree program for students.

The unique characteristic of this degree is that it requires students enrolled in the program to have two or more intentional academic concentrations. The degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is a thoughtful, planned, substantive, schedule of coursework reflecting the integration of two or more disciplines, culminating in an applied or professionally oriented experience with consistent oversight by an interdisciplinary panel of faculty.

Institutionally, by encouraging cross-disciplinary connections, this degree facilitates, increases, and enhances linkages between and among existing departments. Additionally it provides students with a broad spectrum of institutional options.

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