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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Studies

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University College provides oversight and operations for the following University-wide programs and academic support services (each housed in the Department of University Studies):

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Study and Tutorial Center
  • Integrative Studies Degree Program (Bachelor of Science degree with possible Leadership Concentration)
  • Leadership Studies Certificate
  • Learning Support Programs
  • Math Lab
  • Supplemental Instruction

The ESL (English as a Second Language) Program/ESL Study and Tutorial Center

The ESL Program in the Department of University Studies (University College) includes the ESL Study & Tutorial Center, the Conversation Partners Program, and undergraduate ESL courses. At the ESL Study & Tutorial Center, IEP, undergraduate, and graduate international students are offered tutoring in writing, reading, pronunciation, and public speaking as well as general education academic advisement and registration assistance. The center is also an attractive, comfortable space where students can complete academic work on the center’s computers or use an extensive selection of writing, grammar, and reading textbooks.

The Conversation Partners Program gives international students the opportunity to practice speaking and listening with native English-speaking volunteers in informal settings outside the classroom. The international students also have the opportunity to learn more about campus and American cultures. This popular program, offered both fall and spring semesters, helps improve retention of international students and makes a significant contribution to the internationalization of our campus.

Finally, the ESL Program offers ESL 1105: Grammar Seminar for International Students and ESL 1106: Oral Communication for International Students. Both of these are elective courses open to all KSU international students.


Integrative Studies Degree Program (Bachelor of Science degree with possible Leadership Concentration)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Studies allows students the flexibility to individually design a curriculum that will guide them to accomplish their personal and career goals. This program of study is academically rigorous. Students must take a total of 39 upper-division hours from twoacademic areas . A minimum of 12 upper-division hours must be taken in each academic area . Students must earn a grade of “C” or above in these upper-division requirements, as well as complete an additional 15 hours of upper-level course work addressing writing and/or communication skills; an understanding of theory and culture; and the ability to apply and integrate skills in the selected academic areas. Nine hours of related studies courses must be built into the INTS curriculum. To graduate, an INTS major must have completed a minimum of 123 credit hours, including those mandated by the INTS degree and General Education requirements. To ensure a cohesive degree plan, students are required to meet with an INTS Program advisor in the Department of University Studies to designthe proposed curriculum.. A written rationale is required by all INTS majors addressing how the combination of the two academic areas achieves personal and career goals. All students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA in order to be considered for and graduate from the INTS Program. (The Human Services area requires a 2.8 GPA).

In summary, an INTS student must

  • work with an INTS advisor to construct a degree plan combining academic areas
  • have an adjusted GPA (AGPA) of at least 2.5 to enter and graduate from the program; take 39 hours in upper division courses, including KSU 4401
  • write a formal rationale for the degree, explaining how the two academic areas fulfill personal and professional career goals

Once an INTS proposal is completed with an academic Integrative Studies advisor, it will be reviewed and sent to the department or program for each of the academic areas for evaluation and approval.

For more information, contact the Integrative Studies Degree Program in the Department of University Studies or visit the website at http://www.kennesaw.edu/us/ints/.


Leadership Studies Certificate

In today’s competitive global society, success depends on working as a productive communicator, team player, and decision maker; all skills of an effective leader. The Certificate in Leadership Studies, through theory and practical experience, is designed to prepare students in any major for the dynamics of leading diverse groups and teams, engaging and empowering others, responding to situational leadership opportunities, and acknowledging the power of trust and ethical leadership practices. Five leadership courses, each with a multidisciplinary focus, offer the opportunity to develop, strengthen and use leadership abilities.

Admission/Placement Requirements

Students must have and maintain an adjusted 2.5 minimum GPA to enroll in and subsequently be granted the certificate. All courses require a grade of “B” or better to receive the certificate.

Receiving the Certificate

Following a final transcript verification, students who meet the requirements will receive a certificate from the Department of University Studies. An official notice that the student has met the certificate requirements will also appear on the student’s KSU academic record.


Learning Support Programs

Learning Support Programs have a specific mission: providing academic support to those students whose entrance and placement scores indicate that they need remedial instruction before they enroll in regular credit classes. Students whose SAT or ACT scores are below KSU’s requirements are required to take the corresponding sub-tests of COMPASS (Computer -Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System). The Office of Admissions, the Student Success Services Center, or the Department of University Studies will contact students needing to take these courses. According to these placement scores, students may be placed in Learning Support courses in English, math, or reading. These are non-credit courses such as English 0099 (grammar and composition), Math 0097 (Elementary Algebra), Math 0098 (Intermediate Algebra), MATH 0099 (Elementary and Intermediate Algebra) and Reading 0099 (Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Skills). Learning Support courses are designed so that students may complete all requirements in an area in a maximum of two semesters.

Since these are academic assistance courses, there are certain restrictions placed by the Board of Regents or by Kennesaw State University or both upon students enrolled in these courses. The following restrictions apply to all Learning Support students: Students must register for the LSP courses they are required to take each semester of enrollment at KSU before they are eligible to register for any regular credit courses. If they do choose to take credit courses at the same time, these courses must not have LSP courses as prerequisites. They may not, however, accumulate more than 30 hours of academic credit before completing all Learning Support requirements. They also may not attempt any Learning Support discipline more than two times. Students may not withdraw from their Learning Support courses unless they withdraw from credit courses as well. Although these courses do not carry degree credit, students do receive institutional credit and thus may satisfy requirements for VA benefits and other financial assistance. Unsuccessful completion of Learning Support requirements by students will result in exclusion from further study at KSU. In addition, the program provides a variety of tutorial services, including ESL tutoring for non-native speakers, and math tutoring for math students.


The Math Lab

The Math Lab is a free, on campus tutoring service available to all currently enrolled KSU students. Services are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Access to videos, software, such as Scientific Notebook, Workplace, and other math-related computer software are also available. Tutors assist students with the understanding of math concepts, analysis of math problems, and skill building. All tutors have had Calculus I or higher and have completed the KSU tutor training workshop.

The lab is located on the 4th floor of the Library in room 433. For other information about the Math Lab, call 770-423-6044.


Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program whereby students in selected “high-risk” courses (courses with a high “D”, “F”, “W” rate) are provided the opportunity to receive additional instruction facilitated by students who have been successful in those courses in previous semesters. They receive content instruction as well as help in analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving as it relates to the subject matter. National studies have shown that students who take advantage of this opportunity generally perform better than matched students who do not avail themselves of the service. SI is coordinated within the Department of University Studies with the cooperation of the discipline departments in which the selected courses are housed.


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