Jun 14, 2024  
[DRAFT] 2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
[DRAFT] 2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog


1.1 Student Responsibility 

Students are expected to have read this section of the catalog and to be generally familiar with academic rules. Students are expected to consult this section of the catalog and follow the procedures that are outlined herein when the appropriate time in their academic tenure approaches.  For example, students who are within a year of graduating should review the graduation section and comply with the timetable for petitioning to graduate. 

In a pedagogical setting, students are expected to develop the ability to read and follow instructions as part of their educational experience. Academic advisors are available to help students interpret what they have read and to encourage appropriate actions. However, it is the student’s responsibility to ask questions when in doubt, and to seek out information from official sources rather than to allow rumor to dictate actions. 


1.2 Student Records 

In accordance with the policy of the Board of Regents of the State of Georgia and under the provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Kennesaw State University maintains various educational records for each matriculating student. 

These records are considered confidential and will not be released for use outside the institution without the written consent of the student. Exceptions as authorized by the Act are noted below in the Directory Information. 


1.3 Directory Information 

The items listed below are designated as “Directory Information” at Kennesaw State University and may be released for any purpose without written consent at the discretion of Kennesaw State University: 

  • student’s name 
  • major field of study 
  • academic advisor 
  • dates of attendance 
  • degrees awarded 
  • participation in officially recognized activities or sports 
  • awards and honors received 
  • weight and height of athletic participants 
  • KSU student email address  
  • enrollment status (part/full time) 


Directory information will be withheld if requested by the student. To withhold directory information, the student must complete and submit the Release of Directory Information form or hand deliver the request to the Office of the Registrar located in Kennesaw Hall or email the request to registrar@kennesaw.edu. 

Students should consider very carefully the consequences of any decision to withhold “Directory Information.” Choosing the item “Student Confidentiality” will result in the exclusion of all student record information, including student name/address from printed materials (i.e. commencement program). Informing Kennesaw State University not to release “Directory Information” means any future requests for such information from non-institutional persons or organizations will be refused. 

For additional directory information, please visit https://www.kennesaw.edu/ferpa/


1.4 Student Email 

The official means of communication between the university and students is the KSU student email. Students are responsible for information sent to their university email accounts. 


1.5 Telecommunication Policies 

The rules for use of all telecommunications equipment, including telephones, computer and FAX equipment, are found on the KSU Web Site at uits.kennesaw.edu/ or they can be reached from the KSU Intranet Home Page by choosing the topic Issue Specific System Policies from the “Computing Resources” section. Use of any of these facilities implies an understanding of and compliance with these policies. 


1.6 Disclaimer 

It should be noted that program and course requirements and university policies are subject to change without advanced notice. Changes in policy and requirements enacted by the Board of Regents take precedence over existing university policies and requirements. The University will make reasonable efforts to accommodate students affected by such changes but reserves the right to determine where and to what extent it will grant exceptions to new policies and requirements. In cases where courses are deleted, students must substitute courses deemed acceptable by the faculty or chair responsible for the degree program in question.