Apr 14, 2024  
Faculty Handbook 2023 - 2024 
Faculty Handbook 2023 - 2024 - Notice of Faculty Resignation or Retirement

All faculty members considering separating from employment are encouraged to first contact Human Resources to discuss the timing of providing notice as it relates to the last day of employment, contract status, semester transitions, and benefits coverage. Conversations of this nature will not be considered notice of resignation or shared with department leadership nor do they replace the need for written notice of resignation. As a general rule, faculty members who do not sign a new contract will be considered to no longer be employed as of August 1.

Faculty are also encouraged to begin conversations with Human Resources well in advance declaring intent to retire to ensure that all retirement eligibility requirements have been met. Due to considerations for both retirement benefit payments and medical coverage into retirement, a lead time of three months is usually required to smoothly transition from employment into retirement.