Apr 14, 2024  
Faculty Handbook 2023 - 2024 
Faculty Handbook 2023 - 2024

2.7.2 - Procedures Associated with Textbook Policy

Each KSU academic department will internally determine the makeup and process of the department selection committee according to their own customs and shared governance documents. If multiple departments share a course, those departments will determine whether a single or multiple department or college selection committee is used. It is recommended that department selection committees use the following guiding principle when determining whether a faculty member can use that faculty member’s textbook and/or instructional materials in a course: Faculty are encouraged to author their own course materials at KSU as part of an acceptable form of scholarship and creative activity. The review of faculty-authored material by a department committee is for the sole purpose of clearing any potential conflict of interest by the University. Accordingly, the following questions are relevant to a department review of a faculty authored book or material: a) Are the textbook and/or instructional materials relevant to the goals and objectives of the course? b) Does the course syllabus indicate whether the text and/or instructional materials are required versus recommended for the course? c) Are the textbook and/or instructional materials sold to the students directly by the instructor (not allowable) or through retailers such as the KSU Bookstore (allowable)? d) Is there any evidence that the use of the textbook and/or instructional materials would create an apparent or actual conflict of interest for the University?

The selection committee will give faculty seeking to adopt their own published materials in their own course(s) a decision and rationale for that decision in writing within 30 days after a request for approval is made.

Appeals of selection committee decisions, if any, will proceed to the dean, and appeals of the dean’s decision, if any, will proceed to the Provost. The appealing party at each level will state anew the basis for the appeal in writing within seven days after notice of a decision by a selection committee or dean. Denial or acceptance of an appeal by the dean or Provost will be in writing, issued within 30 days, and communicated to the requesting faculty, the selection committee, and the dean.