Apr 14, 2024  
Faculty Handbook 2023 - 2024 
Faculty Handbook 2023 - 2024

2.7.1 - Textbooks

KSU follows BoR policy (BoR Policy Manual 3.10; USG Academic & Student Affairs Handbook 2.19) concerning the sale and use of academic textbooks or other instructional course materials in the classroom. Faculty involvement in the writing and editing of instructional materials published and marketed through national and regional publishing houses, such as academic textbooks, is regarded by KSU as legitimate and recognized forms of scholarship. As outlined in BoR policy, there are conditions on the adoption of textbooks and other instructional materials written by faculty members. Prior to adoption of such materials in a faculty member’s own course, approval must be obtained from a department selection committee. The existence of such a committee is necessary to prevent any possible conflict of interest.

As outlined in BoR policy, faculty cannot resell sample texts provided by publishers or to take advantage of any financial incentives offered by publishers in the assignment of specific texts.

At times, faculty members may wish to develop instructional materials that are compilations for local use in their own classrooms. Consistent with BoR policy, royalties may not be paid to individual faculty for compilations the faculty member produces for copy and resale through any bookstore (internal or external to the institution). Copyright clearance must be obtained by the issuing department or faculty, where necessary, for compilations to be sold through any bookstore (internal or external to the institution).

Conflicts of interest concerns arising as a result of sales of textbooks or other instructional materials should be directed to the Provost.