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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services & Activities


Division of Student Success


The Division of Student Success offers a variety of programs, services and activities that assist and enhance student success. The areas included in this division are the Career Services Center, Sports and Recreation, Residence Life, Student Life, Student Development, Student Success Services, Global Engagement, Center for Student Leadership, and Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. The offices of the Vice President and Dean are located on the fourth floor of Kennesaw Hall.

Student Success Services

Student Success Services (SSS) is a comprehensive service center where students obtain help with educational, career, and personal concerns from a trained staff of counselors, specialists, and advisors. Such assistance is intended to support Kennesaw State University’s academic programs by offering relevant resources that facilitate the students’ orientation to the university, contribute to personal development, enhance academic success, and facilitate career skills. All students are invited to come to the center from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. We are located in Kennesaw Hall, rm. 2401, or you can call 770-423-6600. Programs and services offered by the Center include:


Orientation is designed for first-year students, transfer students, and parents. It was developed to assist students and their parents in making a stress-free transition to Kennesaw State University. The SSS Orientation Program has been recognized by the Foundations of Excellence Organization. Included in the program are opportunities to meet university personnel, understand academic program offerings, advising and registration. Additionally, students and parents are given the opportunity to learn about the various organizations and services available to maximize student success. Orientation Program is located in the Carmichael Building, room 156, and can be reached by calling 770-423-6219.

Counseling and Psychological Services

In an atmosphere of confidentiality, professional counselors offer assistance to students with a variety of concerns which may include career, personal and academic counseling. Special seminars in study skills, time management, stress management, assertiveness, test-taking and other topics are conducted each semester during the academic year. This program is located in the Student Success Services office, 2nd floor of Kennesaw Hall, rm. 2401, and can be reached by calling 770-423-6600.

Testing Services

Testing Services provides institutional, state and national testing opportunities to students in an atmosphere which enables examinees to perform to the best of their abilities. Testing Services coordinates and administers: CLEP, Compass, ISAT, Regents, US & GA History Exemption Exam, US & GA Constitution Exam, as well as provides proctoring services for students enrolled in Independent Study and Georgia eCore. Testing Services is also located in the Student Success Services office on the 2nd floor of Kennesaw Hall, rm. 2401, and can be reached by calling 770-423-6600.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) for Advanced Standing: Students with business, military, or professional experience are eligible to take standardized examinations in a number of areas to earn credit for certain specific courses, provided a minimum score is attained on the tests. Credit earned will be recorded on the student’s permanent record. For specific information concerning subject areas in which tests are available, the cost and minimum score required for credit and dates tests will be given, contact Student Success Services.

First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services

First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services provides first-year students, students who have not declared an academic program of study and Learning Support Program students with academic advising. Advisors meet with students to help them navigate General Education requirements and identify possible programs of study. First-Year Advising Services is part of the Kennesaw State University advising program whereby each department within the seven colleges provides advising services to students who have chosen their programs of study. Once the undeclared students select a specific program of study, they are referred to the respective colleges where faculty and staff in the academic departments advise the students until graduation. First-Year students who know the major can be advised in First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services as well as the academic department of the major. First-Year Advising is located on the first floor of Kennesaw Hall, rm. 1304 and can be reached by calling 678-797-2860.

Changing or Declaring Majors: To declare a major for the first time, students must contact the departmental office of their desired major. Students will complete a form in that department and have a major assigned. If students change their preferences and desire to select another major, they need to go to the department of the newly desired major. Some students may wish to change from a major to undeclared status. In this case, they must contact the First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services. Students should note that when changing majors, there is a possibility that additional hours of course work beyond those required for the completion of the original program may need to be taken. Students should declare a major as soon as possible so that they can be assigned an advisor to help them expedite their progress toward a degree and to help them in preparing for a career.

Undeclared Students: Students who have not declared a major and those required to take Learning Support classes are assigned to First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services. These advisers are trained and available to help students select courses that meet the General Education requirements for all majors, adjust to the university, and choose a program of study. First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services also refer students to other campus resources when appropriate.

First-Year Advising Requirement: First-Year students (freshmen) are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registration for their second and third semesters. This requirement is enforced by the placement of the “FY-Advising Required” registration hold. These students will not be able to register for the second and third semester until they have met with an advisor either in their major department or in First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services.

Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery, a division of Student Success Services, provides an environment of collaboration which fosters the development of a peer community for all students in recovery, alcohol and drug education and intervention services and national recognition in research and advancement in the field of young adult addiction and recovery. Staff is available on-site in University College Building, Room 222, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to meet the needs of students.

The Collegiate Recovery Community supports students in recovery from addition by offering weekly recovery meetings, a peer community program, and a safe, nurturing environment of support. Located in Willingham Hall, Room 128, the center is open to students in recovery from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays. For more information contact 678-797-2538 or recovery@kennesaw.edu.

Student-Athlete Success Services

Professional staff assist KSU student-athletes by helping them succeed personally and academically. Student-athletes receive assistance with advising, study skills, tutoring, orientation and registration. Life skills are offered as well as opportunities to volunteer as mentors for the community. SASS is located in Building #65 at the corner of Big Shanty and Campus Loop Road and can be reached at 678-797-2402.

Behavioral Response Programs

Behavioral Response Programs (BRP) is a division of Student Success Services that takes a planned and proactive approach to identifying and assisting students who are distressed and/or exhibiting abnormal, threatening, or dangerous behavior. Through early identification, BRP aims to assist students, get them connected with the resources they need to be successful, and prevent emerging crises. The work of BRP is guided by the overarching goals of maximizing student success and community safety. Behavioral Response is available for consultation and/or training in best practices in dealing with distressed, disruptive, or dangerous individuals. Additionally, an extension of BRP is the Behavioral Response Team, a multidisciplinary team representing a variety of campus offices that meets weekly to assess and manage any concerns that have been brought to its attention. Behavioral Response is located in the main Student Success Services offices in Kennesaw Hall, Room 2401 and can be reached at 770-423-6600.

Student Success Services Resource Areas

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and Testing Services office provides a resource area available to all students without appointment. We are located in KH, rm. 2401. Our reception area is primarily a waiting area for visitors scheduled to meet with the professional staff. In addition, it houses a number of supporting resources:

  • Computers with software or Internet links for career self-assessments, including PinPoint, Georgia Career Information Center (GCIC), and links to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH).
  • CLEP study guides and GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT information brochures.
  • Career and personal counseling books, brochures, and pamphlets.
  • Study skills handouts.
  • Information about how to sign up and take online career exploration instruments (MBTI, SII) for a small fee.

Another Resource Area within Student Success Services is located in our First-Year and Undeclared Advising Services office, in Kennesaw Hall, Rm 1304. During student advisement our First-Year Advisors determine PinPoint career exploration would be beneficial; the center also has computers with the career self-assessment tool PinPoint available to students.

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center provides a variety of opportunities and experiences which empower the students and alumni of KSU to successfully pursue their career goals. The Center is located on the second floor of Kennesaw Hall, Room 2617. The phone number is 770-423-6555.
Services provided include:

  • Resume writing assistance
  • Experiential learning opportunities (Cooperative Education and Internships)
  • Videotaped practice interviewing
  • Career search strategies
  • Internet career search assistance: http://careerctr.kennesaw.edu/
  • OwlLink Jobs: (listing of hundreds of degree and non-degree openings available through the University’s computer network)
  • Current listings of government, educational, social service and communications opportunities
  • Information on hundreds of companies
  • OwlLink (Internet system which enables you to create a resume and upload it to the Career Service database for referral to employees) from the web
  • On-Campus recruiting (hundreds of companies interview our graduating students and alumni for available positions each year)
  • Career Fairs: Five career fairs are held each year. A general career expo and an accounting career fair are held in the fall. In the spring, an experiential education and career fair is held, as well as a teacher career fair and a non-profit government career fair.

Cooperative Education and Internships

The Cooperative Education and Internship programs offer students work experience relative to their majors. Most employers want students with practical experience and often prefer to hire those who have worked with them and others through internships or co-ops.

Cooperative education combines work experience with time spent in the university classroom. The positions are always paid employment. Students who co-op must do so for a minimum of two (2) semesters with the exception of seniors who are no more than 12 semester hours from graduating. These students may be eligible for a one (1) semester co-op experience. Students receive academic credit for each semester worked and may accumulate a maximum of 12 semester hours of co-op credit. The amount of credit assigned to any co-op experience is determined by the KSU Career Services Center.

Co-op experience may be full-time or part-time. The full-time option usually equates to 35-40 hours of work per week. Additional courses may be taken in the evening if desired. The part-time option involves working an average of 20-25 hours per week, with additional courses taken during the same semester or summer term if full-time enrollment status is desired. At least a 2.5 adjusted GPA is required for all co-op students.

Internships are usually one semester in length, may be either full- or part-time, and may be paid or unpaid. A student will receive academic credit for each internship. This must be approved by the student’s academic department. Students may participate in more than one internship experience, but the maximum number of hours of credit that can be earned in internship status is twelve (12) semester hours.

Co-op classes are taken on a pass/fail basis only; thus the grade of “S” or “U” will be assigned. The internship grade structure depends on the academic department involved. Students should check with the Career Services Center for more information about these programs. Co-op and internship course credit may be used as general elective credits in most majors.

Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

The predecessor of the Kennesaw State University SCAI Department, (Office of Judiciary Programs), was developed in 1985 to administer and supervise the procedures surrounding alleged infractions of the KSU Student Code of Conduct and other university policies. The SCAI Department strives to assure fair and impartial considerations of misconduct charges against any KSU student through a system of campus hearing boards and other administrative procedures (hearing officers).

The SCAI structure includes hearing officers and hearing boards . Each hearing board is composed of both faculty/staff and student members of the SCAI panel. Members of the panel are trained to hear complaints, arrive at fair and impartial conclusions and deliver clear and direct recommendations. In addition, panel members are trained to assist in the preparation and presentation of misconduct cases before the university court hearing board.

Students are invited to apply to become a member of the SCAI hearing board. Requirements include:

  • a minimum 2.8 overall GPA;
  • a strong interest in protecting the reputation of the University by assuring that the rules of the Code of Conduct are upheld;
  • successful personal interview(s);
  • two personal references who will testify to your character and integrity;
  • a commitment to uphold the SCAI Code of Ethics, attend training sessions, and volunteer to serve on hearing boards when available.

For more information, please contact the director for the SCAI department at (770) 499-3403 or visit the KSU SCAI Website at www.kennesaw.edu/scai/.

Student Development

Student Development coordinates support services, programs, and activities to enrich the college experiences of specifically identified student populations, including multicultural students, international students, adult learners, and students with disabilities. In addition, the department provides an avenue for individuals to engage in volunteer service in the community through Volunteer Kennesaw State University (VKSU). Through three satellite centers - the Cultural Awareness and Resource Center, the Lifelong Learning Center, and the Global Village - students are provided a place to gather; a broad array of information; access to computers and other equipment; and knowledgeable, friendly support staff to ensure that students have a positive and supportive “home” on campus. The Odyssey Program, a peer mentoring program, is also coordinated by Student Development. The Odyssey Program helps first-year and new transfer students make a smooth transition to college life at Kennesaw State by pairing them with a qualified peer mentor. Student Development, located in the Carmichael Student Center Suite 267, is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and can be reached by phone at 770-423-6443. More information about Student Development can be found at www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev.

Adult Learner Programs

Adult Learner Programs at KSU provides a variety of innovative events and services to meet the needs of the “nontraditional” student. Our target student population are individuals who are 25 years of age or older or who have “nontraditional” life-styles such as family and employment. Offerings include workshops, seminars, and individual consultations for prospective students as well as programs that promote academic success. The staff of Adult Learner Programs act as liaisons and advocates in helping non-traditional students succeed in and outside the classroom. Numerous sources of university information and resources are available as well as opportunities for students to participate in programs such as the Childcare Subsidy Lottery and the Adult Learner Book Subsidy Lottery.

Some of the major events sponsored by Adult Learner Programs include the Adult Learner Information Seminar which is designed to help nontraditional students who are entering or re-entering college conquer their apprehensions and connect with their peers; the Adult Learner Recognition Ceremony which celebrates Georgia’s Adult Learner Day by acknowledging individuals who are excelling academically under difficult circumstances; and the WINGS (When I Need Generous Support) Ceremony which provides an opportunity for all graduating seniors to recognize those individuals that have helped them through college. The office is housed in the Lifelong Learning Center, Room 261 of the Carmichael Student Center. Visit www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev/alp for more information.

Lifelong Learning Center

The Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) serves as a resource center for degree seeking non-traditional commuter students. Nontraditional students are defined as those over the traditional college age or living “non-traditional” college life-styles such as juggling the responsibilities of family, school, and employment. The LLC seeks to enhance the university experience by providing services specifically designed for students returning to college or starting college later in life. The LLC is located in Room 261 of the Carmichael Student Center. The center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday. During breaks and summer sessions the LLC is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 am to 4:00 p.m. on Friday. You may reach the Lifelong Learning Center staff by dialing 770-423-6701.

The commuter and non-traditional student will find a multitude of resources available to them in the LLC. Resources include information and referral services as well as literature racks with academic and campus information and services. The LLC also houses a study/networking area with a free local telephone, free local fax machine, and a kitchenette complete with microwave, refrigerator, toaster oven, and free coffee and tea. Academic support services include fifteen computers networked to Information Technology Services, laptop ports, and wireless access. In addition, hour-long, one-on-one math tutoring appointments are available to assist students with a variety of math courses taught at KSU. The Lifelong Learning Center hosts numerous adult learner workshops and events throughout the academic year.

Multicultural Student Retention Services

A number of factors impact the retention of students of color at major institutions of higher education. Kennesaw State University is no exception. These factors include the quality of support services, faculty’s expectations and attitudes, the campus climate of socialization, and the sense of belonging experienced by the students.

Multicultural Student Retention Services (MSRS) provides students of color with essential resources, services, and opportunities to aid in their retention, progression and completion of their academic careers at Kennesaw State University. MSRS facilitates academic success for students of color by offering the following resources:

  • Minority Advising Program (MAP) which tracks, monitors, and facilitates academic success and retention strategies for minority students enrolled in each of Georgia’s 34 public colleges and universities;
  • The Cultural Awareness and Resource Center (CARC), located on the second floor of the Carmichael Student Center in Room 262, which offers an array of tutorial services, technical, and media resources that cater to the needs of African American, Latino/Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American, and Multicultural students;
  • KSU Professionals Empowering Our Potential Leaders for Excellence (P.E.O.P.L.E), a program that matches students with faculty and staff members for mentoring and/or informal academic advising; Making the Grade, a series of workshops on a range of subject matters including career and relationship development to help students excel in various aspects of life at, and beyond, KSU;
  • Sources of Scholarship (S.O.S.) Program, a services that informs students about scholarships and grants;
  • KSU Minority Report, a newsletter circulated each semester for the purpose of keeping members of Kennesaw State University (KSU) of our efforts and initiatives to serve our minority students;
  • The KSU Black History Celebration Committee, comprised of a group of KSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni who collaborate to provide events during the Spring Semester which inform and acknowledge achievements and history of African Americans and people of African descent.

MSRS also actively encourages student involvement in various campus student organizations. The African American Student Alliance (AASA) is the line-item student organization that is directly affiliated with this office and provides leadership and funding for the annual KSU Black History Celebration. Other student organizations targeting students of color on campus include the Mexican American Student Alliance, the KSU Chapter of the NAACP, Distinguished Black Gentlemen, Ladies of Distinction, KSU Gospel Choir, and KSU Black Alumni Society.

The KSU African American Male Initiative, developed in partnership with the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents, faculty, staff and students, specifically fosters positive enrollment, retention, progression, and graduation trends of Black males at KSU through assessment, mentoring initiatives, and celebration of academic and leadership achievements.

For more information about MSRS and the CARC, contact either the Associate Director for Student Development over Multicultural Student Retention Services at 770-423-6443, or the Manager of the CARC at 770-423-6512. All are encouraged to come by the CARC during our business hours. MSRS is located in the Student Development Center, Carmichael Student Center Room 267; the CARC is located in Room 262. You can also visit us online at http://www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev/msrs.

International Student Retention Services

The Office of International Student Retention Services (ISRS) serves as an advocate and resource for international students. The ISRS provides counseling and advising pertaining to cross cultural adjustment, and academic concerns. Once students become enrolled at KSU, it is the goal of the ISRS to retain them until they graduate. The ISRS is also responsible for implementing the mandatory International Student Orientation. All newly admitted F1 graduate, undergraduate, and transfer students must attend this orientation. The office seeks to provide international students with pertinent information that will enhance their matriculation and success at Kennesaw State University. International students should note that they must maintain full-time academic status during the fall and spring semesters but may be part-time in the summer or choose not to attend.

The staff of International Student Retention Services develops and implements educational, social and cultural activities, programs and workshops for international students. Workshops and seminars are developed each semester to enhance the experience of the international student. The workshops and seminars provide information on immigration, job search strategies, graduate studies, and taxes. The Office of International Student Retention Services takes the responsibility of retaining international students very seriously. In addition to the above, the ISRS offers international students exposure to the Global Village, a gathering place for internationally-centered activities, resources, discussions, and exhibits. The Global Village is located in room 255 of the Student Center.

The Assistant Director of the ISRS and the Administrative Specialist serve as advisors for the International Student Association (ISA). ISA brings together students of all nations for intercultural, social and athletic exchanges. The International Festival is one of the largest events on campus and includes the Mr. and Miss KSU International Beauty Pageant, International Fashion Show, International Bazaar, and the Courtney Parkins Memorial Soccer Tournament.

For more information about the Office of International Student Retention Services (ISRS), call 770-423-6245 or visit the Global Village in room 255 in the Student Center. http://www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev/isrs

Student Volunteer Service/Volunteer Kennesaw State University (VKSU)

Student Volunteer Service is an important outreach for Kennesaw State University. Not only does volunteer service provide an avenue for individuals to give something back to the community, but it is also a vehicle for campus organizations and non-profit/government agencies to partner with VKSU. VKSU is a campus-based volunteer service center matching student volunteer skills and talents with on-campus and off-campus community needs. Since 1984, in cooperation with more than 300 agencies, VKSU has served as a clearinghouse for volunteer opportunities which include Habitat for Humanity, local animal shelters, MUST Ministries, and providing tutoring/mentoring services to at-risk children. In addition, VKSU sponsors various volunteer opportunities/activities that include American Red Cross blood drives, Cobb Christmas Stuff-A-Bus, March of Dimes Annual March for Babies, Non-Profit Roundtable, Marietta Senior Citizen luncheon, and the Volunteer Fair. VKSU also serves an educational role by providing a practical opportunity for students to explore career options and experience volunteer services in their major fields of interests. Student volunteer service can provide valuable job experience as a prelude to career opportunities.

VKSU also provides services for the Federal Work Study Program. This program is a collaboration between Financial Aid and Student Development. Students who have been determined to be eligible may be employed on campus as student assistants or off campus for the America Reads Program offered in select Cobb County schools. Additional job opportunities are possible in select non-profit agencies. For more information, please visit: www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev/fws.

Students are invited to stop by the VKSU office where staff members will help them locate volunteer service opportunities. The office is in the Student Center, Room 267 , and is open Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 6:30 pm and Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm during fall and spring semesters. Summer semester and break hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Additional information regarding volunteer service projects can be obtained at www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev/vksu.

Disabled Student Support Services

Kennesaw State University provides program accessibility and reasonable accommodations for persons defined as disabled under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. A number of services are available to help disabled students with their academic work. In order to make arrangements for special services, students must visit the Office of Disabled Student Support Services and arrange an individual assistance plan. Certification of disability is required. Special services are based on medical and/or psychological certification of disability, eligibility for services by outside agencies, and ability to complete tasks required in courses. Any individual with a disability who wishes to participate in an activity or program offered by the institution and needs accommodations should contact the office sponsoring the program at least five days prior to the date of the program so that arrangements can be made.

Accommodative services may include, but are not limited to, handicap-accessible parking spaces, special test rooms, classroom accessibility, modifications of printed materials, sign language interpreters, assistance with getting class notes, audio recording, library and laboratory assistance, adaptive computer equipment, and referral to community resources.

Eligible students deliver certification letters to faculty at the beginning of each semester identifying the approved accommodations. The Assistant Director for Disabled Student Support Services works with faculty members to assure that students with special needs receive appropriate accommodations.

Students taking courses on-line or at sites other than the main campus should contact the Disabled Student Support Services office by phone (770-423-6443) or email (cpope@kennesaw.edu) to make arrangements to submit documentation, register with the department, arrange accommodations, etc. Accommodations and services at remote locations may require additional time to arrange, so please start early.

Workshops on relevant topics designed to meet the unique needs of disabled students are offered frequently during each semester. Individual assistance with study skills, assignment completion, and test preparation is available.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to become active members of the Disabled Student Support Services Advisory Committee and to have a part in promoting awareness of the important contributions made by students with disabilities to the life of the university and the community. The committee also works to increase the accessibility of the university and to represent the interests of students with disabilities to the university administration. Individuals with hearing impairment may contact the university’s Assistant Director for Disabled Student Support Services by TTY at 770-423-6480. More information is available at www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev/dsss.

Department of Student Life

The Department of Student Life provides an open, comfortable, engaging place that promotes student success and personal growth. The Department of Student Life exists to create well-rounded extracurricular life for students at Kennesaw State University. The department provides support for most of the programs and services funded with the student activity fee and strives to promote student involvement by informing students of the opportunities available to them. By encouraging students to be involved in student activities, our goal is for students to learn how to plan and execute activities and how to work cooperatively and collaboratively with other groups and constituencies on campus.

General services provided by the Department of Student Life include oversight of the Student Center, operation and staffing of the Game Room, management of student activity budgets, reservations of campus space for registered student organizations (RSOs), campus Lost and Found, and support for over 200 RSOs. The Department of Student Life specifically oversees all RSOs, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL), the Kennesaw Activities Board (KAB), the Student Government Association (SGA), all spiritual and faith-based student organizations, and the student media outlets: Owl Radio, The Sentinel student newspaper, Talon Feature Magazine, and Share Literary and Art Magazine. 

Registered Student Organizations

Kennesaw State’s RSOs are organized into several categories: academic, communications/media, fraternity/sorority, faith-based/spiritual, graduate, honorary, military, multicultural, global, performance/fine arts, political/social, pre-professional, and special interest. For a complete list, visit www.ksuclubs.com.

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Kennesaw State University is home to 20 national fraternities and sororities, each of which fall under one of our three umbrella Greek Councils: Interfraternity Council (IFC): Delta Tau Delta, Delta Chi, Theta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi; Panhellenic Conference (PH): Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Omicron Pi; National PanHellenic Council (NPHC): Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, Kappa Alpha Psi; and the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC): Lambda Theta Phi, Lambda Theta Alpha, and Sigma Sigma Rho. The OFSL also oversees two national honor societies for fraternity and sorority students: Order of Omega and Gamma Sigma Theta. For more information, please visit www.ksugreeks.com.

The Kennesaw Activities Board (KAB)

KAB is a student organization that has responsibility for providing a wide variety of programming for the entire campus. Its events include: Chautauqua Lecture Series, Homecoming, CineKab (free movie rental), Theme Weeks, KSU Day, Comedy/Musical Shows, and other events throughout the year. For more information, please visit www.ksukab.com. The KAB office is located in the Student Center, room 375.

The Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the “Voice of the Students” at KSU to the administration and the Board of Regents. SGA makes decisions and recommendations on any issue that affects students at KSU. SGA representatives serve on campus-wide committees and represent all academic colleges and various KSU student constituencies. SGA meetings are open to all KSU students. While most SGA positions are elected, the SGA president appoints some positions. All students are welcome to attend SGA meetings, which occur Thursdays at 3:30pm during fall and spring semesters. There are at least two SGA meetings held during summer semester. If you are interested in being a part of SGA and need more information, please visit www.ksusga.com. The SGA offices are located in the Student Center, rooms 374 and 376. SGA “resides” in the Department of Student Life, and is advised by the Assistant Director for Student Involvement.

Student Media

Four student media organizations provide opportunities for students to write, edit, photograph, and create designs, web pages and radio broadcasts for experience, academic credit or for pay. The Sentinel, KSU’s weekly newspaper, covers campus news, sports and student opinion. Talon, KSU’s feature magazine, captures student life through photos and stories. Share, the student literary and art magazine, provides a publishing outlet for the creative talents of KSU students. OWL Radio allows students to gain experience on and off the air with KSU’s Internet streaming radio station. Experienced students are welcome as well as those who are willing to learn on the job. All students are welcome to explore KSU Student Media and get involved. The Student Media suite is located in the Student Center, room 277; Owl Radio is located on the first floor of the Student Center, room 171. The Associate Director of Student Life advises student Media. For more information, please visit the website www.ksumedia.com.

The Department of Student Life is located in room 274 of the James V. Carmichael Student Center. Telephone number is (770) 423-6280. Visit the website at www.ksustudent.com.

Department of Sports & Recreation

Participating in sports and recreation programs can be one of the most fun and memorable experiences here at Kennesaw State. The activity schedule offers something for everybody. The programs provide an opportunity to compete at various levels, improve leadership skills, socialize, develop positive fitness practices, cultivate a connection to the university, explore the outdoors, and just have fun. The Department of Sports & Recreation includes programs such as intramural sports, club sports, outdoor recreation, fitness classes, and personnel training, Program schedules and facility hours are available at the beginning of each semester. Additionally, a semester program guide listing events gives you an opportunity to plan the activities you wish to participate in. The recreation facilities comprise the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC), sand volleyball court, tennis courts, on-campus intramural field ,Owl’s Nest, and the soon to be completed fields located at the KSU Sports and Recreation Park. The Student Recreation & Wellness Center has two floors dedicated to fitness equipment, a gymnasium, equipment checkout desk, bike shop, XP Power Performance room, group fitness studios, locker rooms, the Wellness Center and the Department of Sports & Recreation. The facilities schedule is available at the Control desk of the SRWC and the web page (www.ksuintramurals.com). Students may also call the facilities hotline at 770-420-4393 to hear a 24-hour recording of the Rec Center’s operating hours. 

In addition to the many activities, the Department of Sports & Recreation also employs a number of students for various jobs. Student staff positions range from fitness floor attendants to sport officials. There are many benefits to working, for example, registering early for classes, keeping your parking space between classes and earning extra money while on campus.

We offer competitive sports, informal recreation, fitness activities, outdoor recreation activities, and special events. All you need to begin participating is a valid KSU ID and a completed waiver/release form. During your time at KSU, we ask that you allow us to be part of your college experience. For more information, stop by our office located in room 129 of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center or call 770-423-6913.

Center for Student Leadership (CSL)

The Center for Student Leadership (CSL) was created to develop strategies, foster academic/SSES partnerships, and launch programs that work to identify, develop, and sustain the leadership of students and graduates of Kennesaw State University. The CSL focuses on providing students resources, training, and programs that enhance their leadership skills and abilities. The CSL functions under three dimensions of development: leadership programs, civic engagement, and scholarship and research.

Leadership Programs

Leadership programs incorporate varied civic engagement experiences to encourage the development of skills and knowledge through reflection, in an environment where students empower themselves to lead lives congruent with ethical leadership.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement experiences promote a lifestyle congruent with ethical leadership by providing practical opportunities for students to deepen understanding, take action, and reflect on community issues of concern.

Engaged Research and Scholarship

Engaged Research and Scholarship is a holistic approach to learning that blends academic achievement, mentoring and engaged actions that contribute a measured positive change in society and promotes a student’s personal growth.

CSL Mission

The Center for Student Leadership offers opportunities for leadership development, action research, and civic engagement to encourage students to embrace life-long leadership.

CSL Vision

Students participating in CSL programs will be life-long, reflective leaders, actively engaged in improving their communities.

CSL Philosophy

Leadership is a lifestyle. It is a reflective, purposeful process, grounded in congruence, driven by collaborative relationships, promoting positive change.

Residence Life

Campus housing is provided through a public-private partnership between the university and the KSU Foundation. Residential support services are provided through the KSU Department of Residence Life, and all leasing and facility matters are handled by a private management company owned by the KSU Foundation called KSUF Housing Management LLC (or ‘KSU Housing’ for short).  Kennesaw State University began offering on-campus housing in the fall of 2002. There are 3044 rooms available in four residential communities serving different student populations: University Village Suites (all freshmen), University Village (primarily sophomore and freshmen, and Honors housing), University Place (all upperclass), and KSU Place (designated buildings for both freshmen and upperclass).  All units offer private bedrooms including cable, Internet, furnishing, and utilities. About half the units offer private bathrooms and half offer shared bathrooms between two bedrooms. All apartments include a full-kitchen, and most apartments include a washer and dryer in the unit. Each community offers unique amenities, such as social lounges, study rooms, classrooms, retail stores and food service, and health clinic. The Residence Life main office is located in the University Village Suites, terrace level of the 3000 building, suite 3051.

For more information visit http://www.kennesaw.edu/residencelife , email reslife@kennesaw.edu, or call the KSU Department of Residence Life at 770-420-4388. Private management information is available at www.ksuhousing.com, leasing@ksuhousing.com, or 770-426-0668.


Student Fees


Upon registering, each student pays $144 to the intercollegiate athletics program, $72 to student activities, and $42 to Student Recreation and the Wellness Center. The $72 in student activity fees support a variety of programs, activities and organizations to provide all students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, form social networks, maintain a healthy mind and body, and enjoy a variety of entertainment. Student activity fees also support student publications, student media, intramurals, indoor recreation, campus activities board programs, student government programs, performing arts, clubs, organizations, student leadership training programs, the Center for Health Promotion and Wellness, and the Lifelong Learning Center. Because student activity fees help to fund publications, workshops, programs, entertainment and other activities, they are usually offered at no additional cost.

Student activity fees go into the student activities budget, which is handled by the Budget Office under the ultimate authority of the assistant vice president for financial services. The Student Activities Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) serves as an advisory group to the vice president for student success on matters concerning student activity funds and also approves applications for forming new student organizations. Expenditures are supervised by the vice president for student success. Authority for yearly allocations has been delegated by the president of the university to the vice president for student success, who acts on the advice of SABAC. Regular meetings are held for the specific purpose of hearing requests for funding, approving changes in RSO by-laws, or reviewing requests to form new student organizations. All meetings are open to the public. Students are welcome to attend and voice their opinions about allocation of the funds. For further information about ABAC, please contact the Student Life Department at 770.423.6280.


Other Student Services


KSU Bookstore

The largest selection of used and new textbooks for all KSU classes, supplies, reference materials, and study aids as well as academically-priced software are available in the KSU Bookstore. The exact cost of required books and peripheral items will vary depending on courses; a full load semester cost is approximately $600. All books and supplies can be bought online. The Bookstore is owned and operated by KSU and all profits from operations go toward campus improvements.

The KSU Bookstore buys back textbooks throughout the year; the best prices will be received during finals week at the end of each term. Textbook refunds are generally 100% refundable within the first three days from date of purchase. After that, books will only be considered for a full refund if you drop the course during the first two weeks of classes. If you drop the class, you must provide proof of your course drop along with your original sales receipt. New textbook packages must be intact for treatment as a new book versus a used book. Access codes and software must be unopened.

The Bookstore also offers all spirit wear and mementos, graduation items & gifts, reference and trade books, as well as snacks. Bookstore hours during the semesters are:

Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Limited hours are maintained when classes are not in session. Please check the Web site at http://bookstore.kennesaw.edu/ for more information or to order online. Call the Customer Service line at 770-423-6261 if you have any questions.

Culinary Services

KSU Culinary Services is extremely proud to serve the campus community with fast, friendly service and value options to make eating on campus palate-pleasing, healthy and convenient.

The Commons, KSU’s all-you-care-to-eat dining hall, is conveniently located next to the Burruss Building just north of the Campus Green. This 50,000 square foot facility provides guests with a variety of dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Commons features nine venues to choose from, as well as an external take-out option for when you’re on the go. Opened in August 2009 to serve the growing number of students living on campus, The Commons is the main dining hall for meal plan participants, and is also open to the public, faculty and staff of KSU. Non-students may either purchase a one-time entry to The Commons or a full meal plan, which provides a volume discount. Please visit www.kennesaw.edu/dining for complete details on meal plans and upgrade options, as well as retail pricing for dining at The Commons.

For other available dining options located around campus, visit Einstein Bros. Bagels (on the ground floor of the Burruss Building), Chick-fil-A Express, PJ’s Coffee Café (in the Carmichael Student Center), Jazzman’s Café (in the Social Sciences building), and our late-night location, “The Hoot” (in the University Village). In August 2011, a New York style deli will open in the Carmichael Student Center. The deli will offer made-to-order sandwiches featuring a wide selection of fresh sliced meats and cheeses, and freshly baked breads in a study friendly space.

All dining venues, including The Commons, accept “K-Cash” flex dollars, from either of two accounts: General Declining Balance or Food Restricted. The Food Restricted Account allows students to purchase food items with no added sales tax, a savings of 6%. Details about the K-Cash program and the Food Restricted plans can be found on the Culinary Services website, www.kennessaw.edu/dining. To purchase meal plans, manage your account, check your meal plan balance, or add money to your KSU ID, visit the online K-Cash Manager at https://kcashmanager.kennesaw.edu.

Culinary Services also oversees the on-campus operations of the contracted catering vendors that serve KSU. A current list of all approved catering vendors can be found by visiting www.kennesaw.edu/dining, and following the link to Catering. 

Center for Health Promotion & Wellness

The Center for Health Promotion and Wellness, a department of the WellStar College of Health and Human Services, encourages students and employees to assume more responsibility for their health and well-being through awareness and education. Our primary goal is to enhance and provide a balance in the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, environmental, and spiritual development of the whole person. We also strive to provide an environment that supports positive health practices. Programming focuses on helping students and employees reduce lifestyle risk factors. The Center also serves as a learning center for future exercise and health science students.

The Center for Health Promotion and Wellness, located in room 131 of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, promotes wellness through a variety of avenues including:

  • Special events: Learn-over-Lunches, health fairs, guest speakers, health screenings, CPR classes, eating disorders awareness week, and national collegiate alcohol awareness week.
  • Wellness Works, KSU Employee Fitness Center: Open to KSU employees and their family members. The Center is located at the KSU Center, Suite 475 and offers the following for a small monthly fee: monthly newsletters, aerobic equipment, free weights, weight machines, and group fitness classes. These classes include Boot Camp, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Jazzercise, Cycling, and Cardio-Kickboxing. To join or for more information, please call 770-423-6770 or visit www.kennesaw.edu/wellness.
  • Peer Health Education: Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are student volunteers who are trained and certified in developing, implementing, and evaluating fun, interactive wellness programs for fellow students. Peer Health Educators help make the campus healthier, safer, and more enjoyable. To request a PHE for your group or organization, visit www.kennesaw.edu/wellness.
  • Nutrition Services: Students can meet with a registered and licensed dietitian for an assessment of their current eating habits, challenges, lifestyle, medical conditions, and overall nutritional needs. They will receive expert advice for losing weight, gaining weight, managing an eating disorder, controlling health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and much more!
  • Health Assessments: Check your current level of health by having your blood pressure, heart rate, , body mass index, weight, and height checked.
  • Fitness Assessments: How is your fitness level? We offer MicroFit computerized fitness evaluations for cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscular strength, and flexibility. The evaluation also assesses blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index (BMI), weight, and height. Track your progress with pre- and post-test comparisons.
  • Educational Materials: The Wellness Resource Center contains videos, books, magazines, journals, newsletters, and brochures on a variety of health and wellness topics. The Center also has computer programs where you can analyze your diet, assess your stress level, look up prescription drug information, and get healthy cooking tips and recipes. Hours are M-Th. 9-6, Fri. 9-5 and Saturdays by appointment only. For more information call 770423-6394 or visit www.kennesaw.edu/wellness.

Kennesaw State University Student Health Services

The KSU Student Health Services serves students of Kennesaw State University by encouraging health promotion, disease treatment and prevention. Certified nurse practitioners and physicians provide services including a full range of primary care services, adult immunizations, travel health, women’s health, psychiatric services, laboratory testing, and acute and chronic illness care. Medical information is confidential and will not be released without the patient’s written consent except as required by law or in event of an immediate life-threatening medical condition.

Health Clinic charges are billed to the student’s Owl Express account.

The Health Clinics are located at:

Walk-in Clinic: Ground floor of University Village

Appointment Clinic: House #52, Campus Loop Road

Psychiatric and Social Services: House #53, Campus Loop Road

The Health Clinics are closed on scheduled school holidays and hours are limited during semester breaks.

Kennesaw State University, does not assume responsibility for the overall health and physical well-being of its students. The university does assume, however, a reasonable degree of responsibility for the safety and welfare of its student body by encouraging students to participate in a nominally priced accident and sickness insurance plan and maintaining adequately equipped first-aid stations at strategic locations on campus.

If an individual becomes seriously ill or involved in an accident requiring medical attention, the KSU police should be contacted by dialing ext. 6666. There are police officers, who are trained in C.P.R. and State-certified First Responders, on duty during all normal office and class hours. Comprehensive medical facilities are reasonably accessible to the campus. If it becomes necessary to seek medical attention beyond minor first-aid treatment, the following steps will be taken:

  1. If the student is conscious and alert and wants an ambulance to be called, the attending officer will comply with the request;
  2. If the student is unconscious, he/she will be treated and transported to the hospital by ambulance. The attending officer will call the ambulance at the individual’s expense to transport him/her to the nearest emergency room;
  3. In the case of injury to students participating in sanctioned intercollegiate athletic activities, the university will assume responsibility for the expense of the ambulance;
  4. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact parents, spouse or next of kin to inform them of the situation.

No student with a contagious disease may attend classes. Every student is held individually responsible for adhering to this regulation. Any student who needs special consideration because of any physical disability—either permanent or temporary—should have the attending physician write an explanatory letter to the vice president for student success and enrollment services giving full details of the disability and any desired limitations or special considerations requested. 

KSU Card Services Center

The Card Services Center at KSU issues the official university ID, parking permits, and keys. In addition, they manage the KSU Debit Card Program and the KSU Mall. Almost all services require an in-person visit to the office in Suite 207 of the Carmichael Student Center. The Card Center hours of operation are posted online at the Card Services website, but please contact the department if you need service outside this time frame. Please visit, call (770.499.3436) or email the Card Services Center (idservices@kennesaw.edu) for details on any of these programs. Information is also available on the Card Services website at http://www.kennesaw.edu/idservices/.

First time services to students and employees are free (e.g. IDs and parking permits). Replacement services are subject to fees. Please be prepared to present a valid U.S. government-issued document that includes a photo (e.g. driver’s license or passport) for identity verification.

Identification Cards

All enrolled students at Kennesaw State University are required to carry an official KSU Identification Card. The Card Services Center produces this card on campus in Suite 207 of the Carmichael Student Center. The KSU ID card is honored across campus: for photo identification; in security applications; for access to events, activities and resources; and for selected retail services. Card applicants must agree to an un-obstructed facial photo. All students must be prepared to present their KSU ID Card to University officials upon request. Please visit our website for more information.

KSU Debit Card

KSU has partnered with HigherOne, an Internet bank to distribute refunds through the KSU Debit Card Program. The KSU Debit Card program gives students the opportunity to receive funds electronically either through direct deposit to a checking/debit account with HigherOne or by ACH to a third-party bank. Students may still opt for a paper check but are encouraged to instead choose electronic distribution to receive their funds quicker. Students are not required to open an account with HigherOne but must use the card provided to setup their refund option.

Parking Permits

All vehicles on campus must display a valid KSU Parking Hangtag or Decal. Vehicles without a valid hangtag or decal will be ticketed and/or booted. New students and employees must pickup their parking permits in-person. New permits are issued annually only to campus residential students. All other parking permits are valid for the duration of your official status with KSU. One day passes are available at the Welcome Center as appropriate. Parking permits must be picked up in person at the Card Services Center. It is the responsibility of all KSU employees and students to review and abide by the Kennesaw State University Parking Policies and Procedures available online at http://www.kennesaw.edu/parking.

KSU Mall

The KSU Mall is a web-based shopping cart application that is appropriate for sales of goods and services offered by internal departments to the general public. Current offerings may be viewed by selecting the KSU Mall Quick Link from the KSU public website at www.kennesaw.edu. Contact the Card Services Center for more information. 

Print & Copy Services

Printing and making copies at Kennesaw State University is very easy. Once you receive your KSU ID card at the Card Services Center, you. can add cash to your account at any of the K-Cash machines located around campus This will allow you to use your card to make copies or to print jobs from any of the computer labs. Just follow the instructions on any K-Cash device found on campus. They are located in the following locations:

  • ITS Computer Lab Area – 4th floor Burruss Building
  • Kennesaw Hall – 2nd floor Education Wing
  • Library lobby, directly across from the circulation desk
  • Science Building – 1st floor vending area
  • Carmichael Student Center – 2nd floor hallway
  • The Commons – main entrance area
  • Social Sciences - 3rd floor hallway

You can also add money to your account via the K-Cash Manager website by using your KSU NetID and PWD to log in to: https://kcashmanager.kennesaw.edu. This site will also let you review recent transactions and temporarily disable your card should you misplace it. Parents can add value via this interface as well. All they need to know is your NetID. If you choose to give them your password they will have access to all the other features of the site as well.

To make a copy, just swipe your ID card through the device attached to the copier. Follow the instructions on the swipe device and the system will determine whether you have sufficient funds for the job that is submitted. Be sure to press clear “CLR” when your job is complete so that someone else doesn’t end up using your account.

To print, you can send jobs using our new online print facility at https://webprint.kennesaw.edu, from the various labs around campus, or from the Cyber Café located in the Student Center Food Court. Most labs have printers inside or just outside the lab. Detailed instructions on how to use the print function are posted in the Labs you use for your classes.

If you don’t have your ID card with you, simply purchase a Guest Card at any of the K-Cash machines. Guest Cards work just like your ID card for printing or copying.

Call 678-797-2200 or extension 2200 from a campus phone to ask questions about these services or when you encounter any problems.

Additional information may be found on the KSU web site at http://www.kennesaw.edu/copyprint/.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Initiated in the fall of 1982, KSU’s intercollegiate sports program is a member of the Atlantic Sun Conference (A-Sun) and Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The A-Sun’s membership includes: Belmont, East Tennessee, Florida Gulf Coast, Jacksonville, KSU, Lipscomb, Mercer, North Florida, Stetson and USC Upstate. The Fighting Owls currently sponsor seven sports for men (baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, indoor track, outdoor track and tennis) and nine for women (basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, indoor track, outdoor track and volleyball). Cheer, dance, and the pep band perform at various athletic functions throughout the year, including men’s and women’s home basketball games.

Students with a valid ID receive free admission to all KSU home contests and are encouraged to support the Owls.

Sports Clubs

Club Sports at Kennesaw State University are designed to provide opportunities for students of the university community to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities. Club Sports are organized and conducted by students under the direction of the Campus Intramural and Recreation Services Department. A Club Sport must be active and approved through the Club Sports office. Each club is formed by individuals with a common interest in a sport or activity that exists to promote and develop interest in that particular activity. Clubs may be instructional, recreational, competitive, or some combination thereof. Characterized by being student-initiated and student-managed, the basic structure of clubs allow members numerous opportunities for leadership and decision-making. The actual success and strength of each club is dependent on effective leadership of the officers and the degree of involvement of its club members.

Kennesaw State University currently has the following clubs: Cricket, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Rugby, Men’s Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Wakeboarding, and Wrestling. New Clubs are regularly added based on current student interest and desire to facilitate the process. All participants in the Club Sport teams must be KSU students and maintain a MINIMUM 2.0 GPA and be in good academic standing. Club Sports offer students the opportunity to meet new people, stay fit, be involved at KSU and build life long friendships.

KSU Club Sports compete against other local and regional team that might include UGA, GT, Emory, Duke, Clemson, Alabama, Mercer, Auburn, Georgia Southern, UT and many more road trips. Get involved! College is what you make of it!

The club’s participants must meet any financial obligations, including insurance and playing expenses.

Please visit www.ksuclubsports.com to get additional information or contacts for individual teams.

Kennesaw State University Alumni Association (KSUAA)

Chartered in 1978, the Kennesaw State University Alumni Association, Inc. is a nonprofit, educational corporation. The association places particular emphasis on and concentrates the majority of its energies and resources toward providing programs and services for alumni, fostering institutional pride, developing and enhancing KSU’s public image and meeting needs by raising and administering funds for educational purposes at Kennesaw State University. The affairs of the association are guided by a 19-member board of directors including a seven-member executive committee. Each director serves for a term of two years.

Kennesaw State University employs a full-time staff, including a director, to support the association and direct Alumni Affairs’ programs and activities. The Association and Office are responsible for all outreach to KSU alumni, i.e. anyone who successfully matriculated through one semester at KSU or one of its predecessors (Kennesaw State College, Kennesaw College, or Kennesaw Junior College). In order to receive the full range of benefits and access to resources, alumni must financially support the Alumni Association on an annual basis. Consistent annual donors to the Association are designated as Active Alumni. 

Student Activities & Budget Advisory Committee

The Student Activities & Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) serves as an advisory group to university administration concerning student activity funds. It also approves applications for new campus organizations as well as updates to constitutions for existing organizations.

Membership of SABAC includes representatives of the administration, staff, faculty and students. Student members are appointed annually by the president of the Student Government Association. The chair is elected from the student membership. Students are invited to apply for appointment to this committee. For more information contact the Student Life Center at 770-423-6280.

During the Fall Semester, SABAC meets regularly from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on dates specified by the Vice President for Student Success. During the Spring Semester, regular meetings and budget review meetings will be held from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on dates specified by the Vice President for Student Success. Meetings are open to the public. All SABAC decisions shall be made in public/open meetings and recorded in the minutes.