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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Art Education, B.S.

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Contact Information

Website: https://arts.kennesaw.edu/visual-arts/
Phone: (470) 578-6139

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Art Education leads to teacher certification in grades pre-­kindergarten through 12 (P-­12). This program is based on the Comprehensive Arts Education model with a curriculum that includes study in studio, art history, aesthetics and art criticism. The art education program is aligned with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the National Visual Arts Standards, the Georgia Performance Standards for Fine Arts Education, National Core Art Standards, and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium. The program provides students with a broad foundation in general education, extensive study in art, professional education and field experiences. 

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Art Education program is separate from admission to Kennesaw State University. Students must meet the admission requirements to pursue this degree, outlined below.

Each program of study is a sequentially based curriculum beginning the first semester of the freshman year. Students who delay entering the major until completion of the General Education Core Curriculum may prolong their academic careers. Entrance Portfolio Study in visual arts studio courses may not be initiated until the student has been fully accepted by Kennesaw State University and the School of Art and Design as an art major or art interest major. All prospective art majors are required to complete an application form and submit a portfolio of their artwork.

Admission to degree programs in the School of Art and Design is contingent upon portfolio review and acceptance by the department. Portfolio submission and review must take place before a student can proceed beyond ART 1100 and ART 1150. See the School of Art and Design admission application, portfolio content requirements and portfolio review deadline dates on the KSU School of Art and Design website, www.kennesaw.edu/visual_arts. Applications and portfolios are sent to the College of the Arts Admissions and Enrollment Office.

Direct any additional questions about admission requirements to this office by calling 470-578-6614. Students who do not have portfolios or students whose portfolios are not accepted can begin their art studies as an art interest student. They may take introductory art courses based on available space and resubmit their portfolios for review.

Change of Degree Program 

Students who wish to change degree programs in art must reapply and gain admission status to the new degree program. 


The School of Art and Design holds the exclusive authority to determine appropriate admission level placement, credit evaluation of art courses in studio, art history, and art education. 

Continuation in Program 

All art students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.25 to remain in the program. Students falling below a 2.25 may have one semester to improve their GPA and continue; if they do not, they are permanently dismissed from the program. Students may not fall below a 2.25 twice; a second incidence will result in immediate and permanent dismissal from the program. BFA in Studio Art majors must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their concentration areas. Falling below a 3.0 in the concentration or making one grade of “F” in the concentration area will result in dismissal from the concentration. Students dismissed from two concentrations may not continue in the BFA program. BS in Art Education majors must have a 2.75 overall GPA in order to be admitted to the Teacher Training Program of the Bagwell College of Education and to remain in the degree program. Furthermore, two or more “D” or “F” grades after admission to teacher education will result in a review by the Admissions and Academic Standing Committee. For a complete list of other requirements for art education students, refer to Admission and Retention in Teacher Education under Bagwell College of Education in the Undergraduate Catalog. All students must make timely and reasonable progress toward the degree. Non-enrollment or withdrawal from all classes for two or more consecutive semesters will require reapplication to the School of Art and Design. 

Transfer Admission Requirements

Transfer students who with to transfer into the School of Art and Design from another institution follow the same admission procedure as all new students. Transfer credits for courses in studio art are evaluated by portfolio review. Certain courses that are equivalent to those in the foundation core with a grade of “C” or higher are accepted for transfer students from a USG accredited art program. Beyond these courses, other credit will be reviewed by area concentration faculty. 

Second Bachelor’s Degree, Change of Major or Dual-Degree Admission Requirements

These applicants are also required to submit an entry portfolio. Direct any additional questions about admission requirements to the School of Art and Design office. 

Education Admission Requirements

Admission to teacher education is separate from admission to Kennesaw State University. Students must meet the program requirements to pursue this degree program, outlined below.

Candidates typically apply for admission to Teacher Education as sophomores after having completed most of their general education requirements. Applications for admission to Teacher Education should be submitted online through Owl Express under the “Student Services” menu.

A criminal history background check will be performed prior to admission to Teacher Education. In addition, if determined by the background check that a student is a multi-state offender, the student will be required to pay a fee and be fingerprinted. Results of either the criminal history background check and/or fingerprinting may preclude admission to teacher education. For more information on the criminal history process, students should contact the Center for Education Placements and Partnerships (CEPP).

In order to be considered for admission to teacher education programs, candidates must have completed the following requirements:

  1. Coursework:
  • At least  36 semester hours of accredited college coursework.
  • ENGL 1101  and ENGL 1102  with grades of “C” or better.
  • EDUC 2110* with a grade of “C” or better, a satisfactory field experience evaluation *or provide proof of credit from an approved Georgia Pathways Prog

2. GPA requirements:

  • Achieved a minimum, adjusted or cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all coursework completed at Kennesaw State University.  However, only candidates who have earned a KSU adjusted or cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher will be guaranteed admission when all other admission requirements have been met.  Students with a 2.75-2.99 GPA will be admitted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Transfer students with a cumulative transfer GPA (as used by KSU Admissions) may be considered for teacher education admission their first semester at KSU.  Only candidates who have achieved a transfer cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher will be guaranteed admission when all other admission requirements have been met.  After their first semester at KSU without teacher education admission, transfer students will be required to earn a cumulative or adjusted KSU GPA as explained above.
  • No grade lower than “C” in Lower Division Major and Teaching Field courses as required by the programs in teacher education.

3. Register with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to obtain a MyPSC account and PSC identification number.

4. Entrance exams requirements:  

  • Pass or exempt* the GACE Program Admission Assessments (test codes 210, 211, & 212 or combined test 710)
  •  Pass the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment (test code 360)

5.Some degree programs in teacher education have additional admissions requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to consult those departments and program advisors.

* The GACE Program Admission Assessment tests are comprehensive exams covering reading, writing, and mathematics. Regardless of matriculation date, the GACE Program Admission Assessments are a requirement for entrance into the Teacher Education Program at Kennesaw State University. Candidates should plan to take the tests prior to applying to the Teacher Education Program. Students with the following minimum scores on Collegiate SAT, ACT or GRE examinations may exempt GACE Program Admission Assessment by submitting proof of scores to the Certification Officer at teapp@kennesaw.edu.

  • SAT:  at least 1000 “Critical Reading” + “Math” on tests before March 1, 2016  OR 1000 “Evidence-based Reading and Writing” + “Math” March 1, 2016 -June 30, 2019 OR 1080 “Evidence-based Reading and Writing” + “Math” July 1, 2019 & after
  • ACT:  at least 43 “English” + “Math”
  • GRE: at least 1030 (Verbal and Quantitative) OR 297 (Verbal and Quantitative) 08/01/2011 and after

Applicants will be reviewed by the Admission and Academic Standing Committee of the applicant’s proposed degree program. All candidates who have met the requirements outlined above will be considered for admission. Only candidates who have achieved an adjusted GPA of 3.0 or higher will be guaranteed a place in their teacher education program of choice. 

Candidates will be informed of their admission status by email to their Kennesaw State University Student email account. Notification dates will vary depending upon many variables.  Candidates must enroll in the semester for which they have been admitted, or their admission is nullified, and they must re-apply and meet the admission requirements for a subsequent semester. KSU will request that teacher education candidates be issued a Pre-Service Certificate by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC). 

To be eligible for the Pre-Service Certificate, candidates must:

  • Submit a complete PSC Pre-Service Certification application packet.
  • Be enrolled in an educator preparation program leading to initial certification.
  • Have a successful background check (conducted as part of the application process). The GaPSC will NOT award a Pre-Service Certificate to anyone who is currently on probation, regardless of the crime. The GaPSC requires a copy of the Final Disposition, signed by a judge, in order to consider the issuance of a Pre-Service Certificate.
  • Pass or exempt GACE Program Admission Assessments.
  • Pass Georgia Educator Ethics Exam (test code 360).
  • Verify enrollment in a KSU educator preparation program through personal MyPSC account.
  • A Pre-Service Certificate is required to participate in field experiences associated with courses required in teacher education programs.

Graduation Requirements

Each student is expected to meet the Academic Policies Graduation Policies and Procedures  outlined in the Academic Policies section of the Catalog. 

Graduation from a teacher education program requires that you at least attempt the GACE Content exams associated with your degree field.  Passing scores are required for certification by the PSC. All upper level coursework requires a grade of “C” or better and there must be a successful completion of all field experiences.

Program of Study

General Education Core Curriculum (Areas A-E) (42 Credit Hours)

See listing of requirements.  

Art History

(All three are required by all art education majors for a total of 9 credit hours)

Senior Exhibition

Required of all Art Education Majors for graduation.

Program Total (125 Credit Hours)


1 The upper level studio courses are basic requirements. Art education students may elect to take additional course work in specific studio areas such as drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and graphic communications. Additional studio work is highly recommended for students planning to do graduate study. 2 The senior seminar and exhibition must be arranged at least two semesters in advance. Contact the Art Gallery Office for specific details and for an application.  

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