2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
    Sep 18, 2018  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Leadership, Ed.S. (Tier II Certification)

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The program is in accordance with the new educational leadership standards and outcomes required of licensure in Georgia by the Professional Standards Commission. Tier II is a preparation program that may be completed through an EDS degree or a certification only program for those candidates who already have an EDS degree. Admission is open to any individual who meets the admission requirements of the Education Preparation Provider (EPP). Admission requirements will comply with limits set by the University and for public EPPs within the limits set by the Board of Regents. 
Admission to and completion of the Tier II program will not lead to additional pay until employed by a Local United of Administration (LUA) in a leadership position that requires Tier II certification, EPPs may limit admission based upon program capacity; in other words, admission may be limited if a provider caps enrollment based on various resources including the ability to place candidates with trained mentors.

The EDS Degree in Educational leadership provides candidates with the content knowledge necessary to meet PSC requirements for Tier II Educational Leadership Certification. Students must hold Tier I entry level certification or hold a valid, GaPSC issued Standard L or PL certificate in Educational Leadership. A total of 27 hours, the program has 9 hours of Core Requirements and 18 hours of Residency Courses. 

The program is highly professionally oriented, and candidates for the program are expected to currently be employed in an organization providing professional educational services (e.d. school, regional educational service agency, department of education, district office). Field activities incorporate practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for today's educational leader.


• Hold Tier I entry level certification OR hold a valid, GaPSC-issued Standard L or PL certificate in Educational Leadership
• Hold a current leadership position (as defined by your District or Independent/Charter school)
• Partnership Agreement between KSU and Candidate's School District or Charter/Independent School (a list of current partnerships is located on the Department of Educational Leadership's website) https://education.kennesaw.edu/edleadership/content/specialist-degree-programs
• Agreement that District or Independent School to "support" Candidate in this program (this differs by institution - please check with your human resources department or administration); completion of Mentor form.
• Complete a program application 
• Hold a master's degree - or higher - in a professional education or related field 
• Have a minimum of four (4) years of teaching or administrative experience
• GRE or MAT

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