2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 16, 2019  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Honors Program

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The University Honors Program offers a community within a university to academically talented, highly motivated students who enjoy lively discussion, creative expression, and intellectual challenge. Although the college is not a degree-granting unit, it offers small honors sections of core courses and interdisciplinary honors seminars, where students focus on deep understanding within an innovative curriculum. Graduation as an Honors Scholar requires completion of the University Honors Program Curriculum, below, as well as an adjusted GPA of 3.25. Two secondary tier designations, that of Honors in the Major and Honors Participant, are also described below. The college also provide opportunities for undergraduate research, domestic and international travel experiences, and community service activities. First-year Honors students have the option of applying for the Great Books Honors cohort

For information about the University Honors Program's admission criteria, application process, and first-year Great Books cohort, please visit http://honors.kennesaw.edu.

University Honors Program Curriculum

University Honors Scholar Designation

Students complete a minimum of 8 Honors Learning Experiences plus a capstone series of courses. Students must take KSU1101H if entering KSU with less than 15 credit hours. Students must choose at least three credit hours of HON-prefix course(s) during their program. Additional Honors Learning Experiences (HLEs) may chosen from the following list:

  • Honors section of First-Year Seminar (3 credit hours)*
  • Honors Sections of General Education Courses (2-4 credit hours each)
  • HON 2001   : Introduction to Honors Research
  • Three sections of the 1-credit-hour, pass/fail Honors Colloquium (HON 3000)
  • HON 4490  : Honors Special Topics
  • HON 3301  : Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar
  • Honors Discovery non-credit Honors Learning Experience (may be repeated once with a different topic)
  • HON 3002  : Honors Research Assistance Experience (0-3 credit hours)
  • HON 3203  : Honors Teaching Assistance Experience (0-3 credit hours)
  • HON 4400  : Honors Directed Study (1-3 credit hours)
  • Honors contracts in any non-Honors course or applied learning experience (non-credit).

Honors Senior Capstone Experience (1-4 Credit Hours) 


To remain in good standing in the Honors program, students must complete an approved Honors Learning Experience (HLE) each semester. Students may complete more than one in a semester, and the additional HLE can be banked for a future semester. Only one additional HLE can be in the bank at a time.

To graduate as an Honors Scholar, an Honors student must submit a fully-approved Honors thesis or other major capstone product that merits a grade of A or B. An electronic Honors Portfolio of all the student's Honors products may also be required.

A student whose major requirements include a senior capstone course or senior seminar may work with the instructor to significantly enhance the thesis or other capstone product for the class, taking HON 4499 for zero credit hours. A student who does NOT have a required capstone course or senior seminar in his or her major will take HON 4499    for 3 credit hours.


Honors in the Major

To earn the designation of Honors in the Major, students must complete a minimum of two of the required four minimum HLEs in the major plus an approved capstone and maintain the required GPA. Departments/Schools may specify additional requirements.

Honors Participant

To be awarded the designation of Honors Participant, students must successfully complete a minimum 6 HLEs and maintain the required GPA. Requires approval of the University Honors Program Director.

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