2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Dec 10, 2019  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog




   •  ANTH 1102:Introduction to Anthropology
   •  ANTH 2210:Archaeological Discoveries and Debates
   •  ANTH 2220:The Anthropology of Death
   •  ANTH 2223:The Human Skeleton
   •  ANTH 2777:Anthropology of Tourism
   •  ANTH 3300:Anthropological Theory
   •  ANTH 3301:Human Origins
   •  ANTH 3303:Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
   •  ANTH 3305:Principles of Archaeology
   •  ANTH 3307:Cultural Anthropology
   •  ANTH 3310:Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
   •  ANTH 3315:Indigenous Peoples of the Southeast United States
   •  ANTH 3320:Methods in Biological Anthropology
   •  ANTH 3321:Indigenous Peoples of North America
   •  ANTH 3335:Archaeology Field Techniques
   •  ANTH 3340:Religion, Magic, and Culture
   •  ANTH 3345:Food and Culture
   •  ANTH 3350:Cultures and Societies of the World
   •  ANTH 3355:Capitalisms and Cultures in Asia
   •  ANTH 3360:Anthropology and Africa
   •  ANTH 3365:Afro-Brazilian Culture and Politics
   •  ANTH 3375:Engaged Archaeology
   •  ANTH 3380:Maya Archaeology
   •  ANTH 3390:Lab in Archaeology
   •  ANTH 3397:Anthropology Practicum
   •  ANTH 3398:Internship in Anthropology
   •  ANTH 3521:Ethnography of Media: Global Perspectives
   •  ANTH 3777:Global Ethnographies of Labor
   •  ANTH 3999:Anthropology of Gender
   •  ANTH 4100:Directed Applied Research
   •  ANTH 4400:Directed Study in Anthropology
   •  ANTH 4405:Human Variation
   •  ANTH 4411:Bioarchaeology of Greece
   •  ANTH 4420:Lab in Forensic Anthropology
   •  ANTH 4421:North American Archaeology
   •  ANTH 4422:Archaeology of Asia
   •  ANTH 4423:Bone Biomechanics
   •  ANTH 4425:Historical Archaeology
   •  ANTH 4430:Environmental Anthropology Field Methods
   •  ANTH 4450:Research Methods in Anthropology
   •  ANTH 4490:Special Topics in Anthropology