2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Mar 17, 2018  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty A - F

Abaidoo, Samuel, Professor, PHD, Sociology, 1997, MA, Sociology, 1994, BA, Sociology, 1987


Abaza, Hussein, F, Associate Professor, PHD, Environmental Design and Planning, 2002, BARCH, Architecture, 1987, MS, Architecture, 1993


Abbott-Lyon, Heather, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 2007, BS, Chemistry, 2002, BS, Classical Studies, 2002


Abernathy, John, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Accounting, 2010, MACCT, Accounting, 1997, BS, Accounting, 1996


Achar, Premila, N, Associate Professor, PHD, Applied Botany, 1989, MPHIL, Seed Pathology, 1983, MS, Botany, 1982, BS, Botany, 1980,


Acharya, Keshav, R, Lecturer, PHD, Mathematics, 2013, MS, Mathematical Sciences, 2005,


Ackert, Lucy, F, Professor, PHD, Economics, 1990, MA, Economics, 1984, BSBA, Economics, 1982


Adams, Arnold, F, Associate Professor, PHD, Economics, 1996, MBA, Business Administration, 1982, BS, Business Administration, 1980


Adams, Lisa, G, Associate Professor, PHD, Biology, 1993, MS, Biology, Systematics and Evolutionary Biology, 1988, BS, Biology, 1985


Adams, Megan, G, Assistant Professor, PHD, Language and Literacy Education, 2012, MAT, Secondary English Education, 2006, AB, English, 2004


Adebayo, Akanmu, G, Professor, PHD, History, 1986, MA, History, 1982, BA, History, 1979


Adhikari, Dhruba, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 2007, MS, Mathematics, 1996, BS, Science, 1994


Akerman, Mary, S, Lecturer, MFA, Music, 1978, BMUS, Music Performance, 1976,


Akins, Edwin, E, Associate Professor, MARCH, Architecture, 1996, BS, Architecture, 1994,


Akinyemi, Nurudeen, B, Associate Professor, PHD, International Studies, 1994, MA, Political Science, 1986, BA, Political Science, 1985


Alamilla, Saul, G, Assistant Professor, PHD, Counseling/Clinical/School Psychology, 2009, MA, Counseling Psychology, 2006, MS, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2004, BA, Sociology, 2002,


Albert, Amanda, B, Librarian Assistant Professor, MLS, Library and Information Science, 2014,


Albrecht, Eric, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Biological Sciences, 2000, BS, Biology, 1993,


Alexander, Chris, W, Assistant Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 1993, BS, Chemistry, 1988,


Ali, Radwan, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Instructional Technology, 2006, MBA, Business Information Systems Management, 1998, BS, Computer Science, 1986


Allen, Judy, B, Senior Lecturer, JD, Law, 1992, MA, Sociology, 1988, BS, Law Enforcement, 1987


Allison, Audrey, W, Associate Professor, PHD, Speech Communication, 1999, MS, Home Economics Communication, 1987, BS, Journalism, 1983


Alme, Karyn, A, Lecturer, MS, Geology, 2001, BS, Geology, 1994,


Amason, Janeen, S, Assistant Professor, PHD, Nursing, 2013, MSN, Adult Health, 1995, BSN, Nursing, 1991


Amlaner, Charles, J, Professor, DPHIL, Biological and Agricultural Sciences, 1983, MA, Biology, 1976, BS, Biophysics, 1974


An, Sohyun, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2009, MA, Social Studies, 2001, BA, Social Studies Education, 1999


Anderson, Kami, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Communication and Culture, 2007, MA, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2000, BA, Spanish, 1996


Anderson, Mark, R, Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 1987, BS, Chemistry, 1983,


Ansley, Kelly, R, Librarian Assistant Professor, M.L.I., Library and Information Science, 2009, BA, History, 2006,


Ao, Yumin, Lecturer, PHD, Chinese Language and Culture, 2011, MA, Comparative Literature and World Literature, 2004,


Ariail, Donald, L, Professor, DBA, Business Administration, 2005, MPACC, Accountancy, 1976, BBA, Finance, 1970


Arnett, E, J, Assistant Professor, PHD, Technical Communication and Rhetoric, 2008, MA, Technical Communication, 2003, BA, Psychology, 1996


Artese, Brian, P, Lecturer, PHD, English, 2004, MA, English Literature, 1996, BA, English, 1992


Asgill, Austin, B, Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 1990, MBA, Business Administration, 1999, MS, Electrical Engineering, 1982, BE, Electrical Engineering, 1979,


Askildson, Lance, R, Associate Professor, PHD, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, 2008,


Astrachan, Joseph, H, Professor, PHD, Organizational Behavior, 1989, MA, Organizational Behavior, 1985, MPHIL, Organizational Behavior, 1986, BA, Social Psychology of Organizations, 1983,


Atiqullah, Mir, M, Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 1996, MSME, Mechanical Engineering, 1990, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1976


Atkins, Robert, W, Professor, MBA, Marketing, 1985, BS, Industrial Engineering, 1972,


Aust, Charles, F, Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 1993, MA, Telecommunications, 1985, BS, Psychology, 1975


Aust, Philip, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Organizational/Group and Interpersonal Communication, 2000, MA, Speech Communication, 1993, BA, Theology, 1990


Ayala, Rosana, F, Lecturer, MED, Administration and Supervision EDLC, 1989, BS, Economics, 1975,


Aycock, Laurie, D, Librarian Assistant Professor


Azriel, Joshua, N, Associate Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 2006, MA, Political Science, 1999, BA, Political Science, 1996


Babenko, Yuliya, V, Associate Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 2006, MA, Mathematics, 2003, MS, Mathematics, 2001, BS, Mathematics, 2000,


Bagchi, Aniruddha, Associate Professor, PHD, Economics, 2006, MA, Economics, 2004, MA, Economics, 1997, BS, Economics, 1995,


Bailey, Bill, D, Assistant Professor, PHD, Technology Management (Quality Systems), 2011, MS, Industrial Technology, 1998, BA, Psychology and English, 1994


Baker, Meredith, B, Lecturer, PHD, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, 2007, BS, Chemistry, 2001,


Baker, Virginia, M, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1987, BSBA, Quantitative Methods, 1981,


Baker, William, E, Assistant Professor, PHD, Public Administration, 2001, MA, Urban Affairs, 1978, BA, Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1972


Ball, Thomas, R, Assistant Professor, MBA, Management, 1975, BA, Business Administration, 1970,


Bandyopadhyay, Tridib, Associate Professor, PHD, Management Science, 2006, MBA, Business Administration, 2001, MBA, Finance, 1995, BE, Electrical Engineering, 1985,


Banker, Teresa, Associate Professor, PHD, Mathematics Education, 2001, EDS, Mathematics Education, 1997, MED, Math Education, 1983, BS, Mathematics, 1970,


Barclay, Sandra, W, Librarian Assistant Professor, MLS, Library and Information Studies, 1999,


Barney, Bradley, J, Assistant Professor, PHD, Statistics, 2011, MS, Statistics, 2007, BA, Economics, 2003


Bartlett, Jennifer, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Nursing, 2013, MSN, Nursing, Nurse Educator, 2009, BSN, Basic Nursing, 1995


Bartlett, Kelly, Limited Term Assistant Profess, PHD, Industrial Engineering, 2014, MS, Operations Research, 2007, BS, Industrial Engineering, 2002


Bartlett, Stephen, M, Senior Lecturer, MA, History, 1997, BA, History, 1994,


Baruah, Bharat, Associate Professor, PHD, Science, 2003, MS, Chemistry, 1998, BS, Chemistry, 1995


Basch, Mary, C, Senior Lecturer, MED, Educational Administration and Supervision, 1998, BS, Elementary Education, 1993,


Baughman, Diana, M, Lecturer, MSN, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, 2007, BA, Psychology, 1981, BSN, Nursing, 2003


Beach, Michael, B, Associate Professor, PHD, Biology, 2000, BS, Biology, 1993,


Beadles, Sam, J, Professor, MS, Civil Engineering, 1987, BS, Civil Engineering, 1982,


Bedette, Kathryn, L, Associate Professor, MARCH, Architecture, 1999, BS, Architecture, 1992,


Behrman, Mary, D, Lecturer, PHD, English, 2004, MA, English, 1998, BS, Economics, 1987, BS, Marketing and International Business, 1987,


Bell, Douglas, D, Associate Professor, PHD, Early Childhood Education, 2010, MS, Early Childhood Education, 2002, BA, Pre-K/Primary Education, 1999


Bell, Marla, Professor, PHD, Mathematical Sciences, 1993, MS, Mathematical Sciences, 1989, BS, Mathematics, 1986


Benjamin, Jesse, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Sociology, 2002, MA, Anthropology, 1996, BA, Interdisciplinary Social Science, Inequality and Social Change, 1992


Bennett, Ann, M, Assistant Professor, MSED, Teacher Education, Social Studies Education, 2011, BA, Classics, 2007, BA, History and Political Science, 2005


Benson, Debra, D, Senior Lecturer, MBA, Business Administration, Corporate Contract, 2004, BBA, Accounting, 1975,


Bernardy, Anja, Professor, PHD, Hispanic Language and Literature, 1998, MA, Spanish, 1992, BA, Spanish, 1989, BS, Human Development, 1987,


Berwald, Olaf, Professor, PHD, Germanic Languages, 2000, MA, History of Rhetoric, 1994,


Bessette, Harriet, J, Professor, PHD, "CAES/Curriculum, Instruction and Administration/Curriculum and Instruction", 1999, MED, "Special Education, Moderate Special Needs", 1993, BS, Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities, 1975


Bhasin, Tavishi, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2008, MA, Political Science, 2005, MA, Political Science, 2000, BA, Political Science, 1998,


Bird, Sandra, L, Professor, PHD, Art Education, 1999, MFA, Theatre and Drama, 1985, BA, Liberal Arts, 1981


Birrell, Robert, J, Senior Lecturer, MS, Mathematics, 1992, BA, Mathematics, 1977,


Blackwell, Leslie, J, Professor, DMA, Musical Arts, 2002, MM, Music, Music Education, 1991, BM, Music Education, 1984


Blake, Barbara, J, Professor, PHD, Nursing, 2000, MS, Nursing, 1989, BSN, Nursing, 1985


Blaver, Angela, D, Assistant Professor, PHD, Education, Educational Psychology  Human Development, 2009, BA, Psychology and Social Behavior, 1997,


Blumentritt, Timothy, P, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1999, MBA, Business Administration, 1993, BBA, Finance, 1989


Bobbie, Patrick, Professor, PHD, Computer Science, 1986, MS, Statistics, 1982, BS, Computer Science, 1980


Boettler, Lynn, M, Assistant Professor, MA, Counseling and Guidance, Elementary School Counseling, 1988, BSE, Elementary Education, 1986,


Bogan, Barry, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Special Education, 2004, MSED, Early Childhood Education, 1994, BA, Business Administration, 1987


Bohannon, Jeanne, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, English, 2012, MED, Teaching & Learning, 2006, BA, Speech, 1995


Booker, Sherri, J, Lecturer, EDS, Instruction, 2005, EDS, Teacher Leadership for Learning, Instructional Technology, 2012, MED, Early Childhood Education, 1997, BSED, Elementary Education, 1976,


Borders, Aberdeen, L, Professor, PHD, Marketing, 2002, MBA, Business Administration, 1995, BBA, Accounting, 1975


Botelho, Keith, M, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 2006, MA, English Literature, 2001, BA, English, 1996


Bowden, Martha, F, Professor, PHD, English, 1981, MA, English, 1976, BA, English, 1975


Bowen, Charles, Professor, PHD, Psychology, 1979, MA, Psychology, 1972, BA, Psychology, 1971


Bowers, Cynthia, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 1999, MA, English, 1991, BA, English, 1978


Bowles, Dorcas, D, Professor, EDD, Education, 1983, MSS, Social Work, 1960, BS, Secondary Education, 1958


Boyd, Elizabeth, M, Assistant Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2010, MA, Psychology, 2008, BS, Psychology, 2003


Bradbury, John, C, Professor, PHD, Economics, 2000, MA, Economics, 1998, BA, Economics, 1996, BA, Philosophy, 1996,


Branham, Daniel, L, Lecturer, BS, Engineering Technology, 1984,


Brannan, Jane, D, Professor, EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, 1996, MS, Nursing, 1985, BS, Nursing, 1980


Brasco, Craig, R, Assistant Professor, BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, 1994, MSMI, Medical Illustration, 1998,


Brawley, Dorothy, E, Professor, PHD, Management, 1982, MBA, Management, 1972, BA, Economics, 1970


Bray, David, E, Associate Professor, PHD, Finance, 2010, MBA, Business Administration, 2003, BS, Finance, 2002


Bremner, Marie, N, Professor, PHD, Nursing, 1990, MS, Nursing, 1983, BSN, Nursing, 1979


Brodak, Molly, A, Lecturer, MFA, Creative Writing, 2008, BA, English, 2004,


Brooks, Mandy, J, Senior Lecturer, MBA, Business Administration, 1998, MBA, Marketing, 1998, BA, Psychology, 1995


Brookshire, Joy, L, Senior Lecturer, MS, Applied Biology, 1995, BS, Biology, 1991,


Brotman, Billie, A, Professor, PHD, Economics, 1978, MA, Economics, 1977, BS, Speech and Business, 1974


Brouthers, Lance, E, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, Marketing, 1992, PHD, Government, 1980, MA, Political Science, 1977


Brown, Christopher, A, Assistant Professor, PHD, Educational Leadership, 2012, MED, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 2000, BSED, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1997


Brown, Lesley, J, Librarian Assistant Professor, MLIS, Information Studies, 2005, BA, International Relations, 1997,


Brown, Robert, L, Senior Lecturer, PHD, Computer Information Systems, 2014, MS, Computer Science, 1995, BS, Computer Information Systems, 1992


Brown, Susan, B, Professor, PHD, Educational Leadership, Learning Disabilities, 1979, MED, Special Education, Learning Disabilities, 1971, BSHE, Home Economics Education, 1968


Bryan, Charity, L, Limited Term Associate Profess, PHD, Kinesiology, 2006, MA, Physical Education, 1999, BS, Physical Education, 1997


Buddie, Amy, M, Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2001, MA, Psychology, 1998, BA, Psychology, 1996


Bullins, James, S, Associate Professor, MFA, Drama, Design, 1993, BA, Studio Art, 1990,


Bullock, Patricia, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2004, MED, Mathematics Education, 1997, BSED, Mathematics, 1990


Buresh, Robert, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area, 2007, MS, Exercise Science, 2002, BS, Exercise Science, 1999


Burke, Meghan, A, Professor, DPHIL, Mathematics, 1992, SCB, Applied Mathematics - Biology, 1987,


Burney, Nancy, R, Senior Lecturer, MS, Applied Statistics, Applied Statistics, 2009, BA, Mathematics, 1972,


Burns, David, J, Professor, DBA, Marketing, 1987, MBA, Business Administration, 1981, BSBA, Marketing, 1979


Burton, Steven, H, Librarian Assistant Professor, MCM, Conducting and Church Music, 1983, MLIS, Library and Information Science, 2007, BS, Education, 1978


Burton, Tyra, A, Senior Lecturer, MSM, Management, 1992, BBA, Marketing, 1990,


Butcher, Charity, K, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2009, BA, Political Science, 1999,


Butler, Renee, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Industrial Engineering, 2003, MS, Operations Research, 1999, BIE, Industrial Engineering, 1996


Calhoun, Barbara, S, Associate Professor, MA, Educational Administration, 1979, BSED, English, 1975,


Callahan, Brendan, E, Assistant Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, Teaching and Learning in Science, 2009, MED, Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education: Biology, 2004, BA, Chemistry, 2001, BS, Biology, 1997,


Callahan, Kadian, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 2006, MSED, Secondary Education, 2002, BS, Mathematical Sciences, 1998


Calloway, Jimmy, Professor, PHD, Recreation, 1985, MED, Health and Physical Education, 1970, BSED, Health and Physical Education, 1969


Camargo Dodonova, Dimitri, C, Senior Lecturer, MBA, Business Administration, 2004, MSIS, Information Systems, 2003, BS, Industrial Management, 1996


Campana, Jeffrey, C, Assistant Professor, MFA, Fine Arts, 2008, BFA, Ceramics, 2004,


Campbell, Jane, E, Professor, DBA, Business Administration, 1981, MBA, Business Administration, 1980, BA, Psychology, 1976


Campbell, Lola, L, Senior Lecturer, MED, Health and Physical Education, 1977, BSED, Health and Physical Education, Gymnastics, 1976,


Campbell, Stacy, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 2007, MA, Psychology, 1996, BA, Business/Economics, 1993


Cao, Zhu, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 2008, MS, Applied Mathematics, 2002, BS, Control Theory, 1996


Carlson, Carolyn, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2006, MS, Urban Studies, Nonprofit Management, 1996, ABJ, Journalism, 1973


Carpenter, William, J, Professor, BARCH, Architecture, 1986, MARCH, Architecture, 1989,


Carroll, Michael, J, Assistant Professor, BEDA, Environmental Design In Architecture, 1985, MARCH, Architecture History and Theory, 1999, MARCH, Architecture History and Theory, 1987


Carte, Traci, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1999, MBA, Business Administration, 1994, BS, Management Information Systems, 1993


Carter, Terry, Professor, PHD, English, 2002, MA, English, 1999, BA, English, 1992


Casey, Rebecca, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Higher Education, 1997, MSED, Secondary Education/Reading, 1981, BS, English, 1978


Caylor, Marcus, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Accountancy, 2006, MS, Economics, 1999, BSIE, Industrial Engineering, 1998


Chadwick, Nanenia, E, Clinical Assistant Professor, PHD, Nursing, 2001, MS, Nursing, Psyc Mental Health Nursing, 1989, BS, Nursing, 1983


Chakravarty, Sumit, Assistant Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 2008, MS, Electrical Engineering, 2003, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1995


Chakravorty, Satya, S, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1992, MS, Biological Sciences, 1983, BE, Civil Engineering, Industrial Structures/Industrial Planning, 1983


Chambers, Dennis, J, Professor, PHD, Accounting, 1996, MBA, Business Administration, 1991, BA, Business and Economics, 1977


Chambers, Donna, M, Assistant Professor, MS, Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, 1997, BSN, Nursing, 1978,


Chandler, Mary, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Education Administration and Supervision, 1986, EDS, Educational Administration, 1980, MAT, Teaching and Supervision, 1975, BSED, Elementary Education, 1970,


Chang, Meilin, Assistant Professor, PHD, Education: Educational Policy, 2009, MA, Educational Administration, 2001, BA, Education, 1998


Chang, Yusun, Assistant Professor, PHD, Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2007, MS, Electrical Engineering, 2002, MS, Electrical Engineering, 1995, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1993,


Chastine, Jeffrey, W, Professor, PHD, Computer Science, 2007, MS, Computer Science, 1999, BME, Music Teacher Education, 1994


Chavoshi, Manijeh, Lecturer, MS, Information Technology, 2010, BS, Applied Mathematics, 1991,


Chen, Estella, B, Associate Professor, PHD, Biology, 1996, MPHIL, Biology, 1994, BS, Biology, 1990


Chen, Li, Librarian Associate Professor, M.L.I., Library and Information Science, 1992, BA, English, 1985,


Chen, Ming, Professor, MA, Theatre Arts, 1989, MFA, Stage Design, 1985, BFA, Stage Design, 1982


Chen, Xueying, Librarian Assistant Professor, M.L.I., Library and Information Science, 1997, MA, Sociology, 1996, BA, Law, 1985


Chin, Craig, Associate Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 2001, MS, Electrical Engineering, 2001, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1995


Chowdhury, Mohammed, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Statistics, 2014, MA, Statistics, 2008,


Chrestensen, Carol, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Pharmacology, 2000, BA, Biochemistry, 1992,


Churella, Albert, J, Professor, PHD, History, 1994, MA, History, 1990, BA, Economics, 1986


Clay, Keely, D, Assistant Professor, MFA, Fashion, 2005, BFA, Fashion, 2003,


Cleaveland, Mary, C, Associate Professor, PHD, Accountancy, 2007, M.Tx., Taxation, 1999, BS, Management Science, 1996


Clements, Alan, B, Associate Professor, JD, Law, 1996, PHD, Business Administration, Accounting, 1989, MBA, Business Administration, Accounting, 1982, BSBA, Accounting, 1977,


Clincy, Victor, A, Professor, DENG, Engineering Management, 1993, MIMS, Engineering, 1989, MS, Industrial Engineering, 1991, BSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1986, CSE, Computer Systems Engineering, 1998,


Clune, Richard, R, Professor, EDM, Management, 2005, MBA, Business Administration, Experienced Professional, 2001, BS, Business Administration, 1974


Cobkit, Sutham, Professor, PHD, Criminal Justice, 1996, MSCJ, Criminal Justice, 1989, BA, Police Administration, 1986


Cochran, Justin, D, Assistant Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 2008, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 2000, BME, Mechanical Engineering, 1998


Cochrane, Jacquelyn, L, Associate Professor, PHD, Educational Psychology, 1979, MA, Educational Psychology, 1974, BA, Psychology, 1971


Coffey, Debra, J, Associate Professor, EDD, Teacher Education, "Literacy, Language, ESL Education", 2004, MS, Child and Family Studies, 1982, BS, "Occupational Child Care, Consumer Homemaking, and Kindergarten", 1980


Cole, Charles, R, Professor, MARCH, Architecture, 1976, BS, Architecture, 1974,


Cole, Judith, E, Lecturer, MM, Accompanying Piano Ensemble, 1980, BM, Music, 1977,


Cole, Pamela, B, Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 1994, MS, English, 1984, BA, English, 1982


Colebeck, Donna, Lecturer, MFA, Metalcrafts and Jewelry, 1983, BS, Art Education, 1978,


Collard, Carol, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Social Work, 2007, MSW, Social Work, 2001, BA, Communication, 1979


Collins, Stephen, D, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2004, MA, Political Science, 2002, MA, Political Science, 1998, BA, Political Science, 1992,


Collins, Susan, T, Senior Lecturer, EDS, Middle Grades Education, 1987, MED, Middle Grades Education, 1983, BS, Biology, 1981


Colyar, Nancy, N, Librarian Associate Professor, MS, Library Science, 1987, BA, Elementary Education, 1983,


Como, Joseph, A, Lecturer, MED, Education Administration & Supervision, 1997, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1984,


Cone, Neporcha, T, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education, 2006, MS, Science Education, 2000, BS, Biology, 1996


Conrey, Gregory, M, Associate Professor, MED, Trade and Industrial Education, 1988, BS, Trade and Industrial Education, 1982,


Cope, James, R, Professor, EDD, Language Education, 1990, MED, English Education, 1987, BSED, English Education, 1983


Corbitt, Anne, E, Lecturer, MFA, Creative Writing, 2008, AB, English, 2004,


Corn, Kristen, H, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mass Communication, 2010, MA, Journalism and Mass Communication, 2005,


Cox, Sandra, D, Lecturer, EDS, Administration and Supervision, 2004, MED, Reading Education, 1980, BSED, Elementary Education, 1975


Creekmur, Renata, A, Lecturer, MA, Foreign Language and Literature, English, 2007, BA, Foreign Language and Literature, English, 1992,


Crimm, Lance, C, Professor, MSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1994, BEE, Electrical Engineering, 1993,


Croft, Sheryl, J, Assistant Professor, PHD, Educational Studies, 2013, MED, Secondary Education, 1980, BA, English, 1971


Croicu, Ana-Maria, Associate Professor, PHD, Applied and Computational Math, 2005, PHD, Mathematics, 2001, MS, Electrical Engineering, 1995, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1994, BS, Mathematics, 1995,


Crooks, Susan, E, Senior Lecturer, EDS, Media, 1998, MAT, English, 1979, AB, German, 1974


Cross, Ellen, Senior Lecturer, MBA, Business Administration, 1989, BA, Business Administration, 1978,


Crovitz, Darren, Associate Professor, PHD, English Education, 2005, MA, English, 1997, BA, English/Secondary Education, 1993


Crowder, William, S, Assistant Professor, PHD, Justice Administration, 1998, MBA, Business Administration, 1990, BS, Criminal Justice, 1985


Cruz Ortiz, Jaime, O, Associate Professor, PHD, Spanish, 2009, MA, Spanish, 2003, BA, English, 1999, BA, Spanish, 1999,


Culp, Brian, Associate Professor, EDD, Physical Education and Sport Studies, 2005, MS, Sports Administration, 2001, BSED, Health and Physical Education, 1999


Currin, Thomas, R, Professor, PHD, Civil Engineering, 1988, MS, Civil Engineering, 1977, BS, Civil Engineering, 1972


Dail, Jennifer, S, Associate Professor, PHD, English Education, 2004, MED, English Education, 2000, BSED, English Education, 1996


Daniell, Beth, Professor, PHD, English, 1986, MA, English, 1973, BA, English, 1969


Das, Sandip, Assistant Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 2014, MENGR, Electrical Engineering, 2012, BE, Electrical Engineering, 2004


Davis, Allison, C, Senior Lecturer, PHD, English, English, 2009, MA, English, English, 2004, BA, English, 1999


Davis, James, R, Associate Professor, PHD, Theatre, 2004, MA, Theatre, 1999, BA, Drama-Speech, 1990


Davis, Laura, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 2011, MA, English, 2002, BA, English, 1997


Davis, Marcus, C, Associate Professor, PHD, Organismal Biology and Anatomy, 2004, MS, Biology, 2000, BS, Biology, 1996


Davis, Patricia, E, Professor, PHD, British Romantic Literature, 1979, MA, English Literature, 1978, BA, English and German Literature, 1974


Daws, Laura, B, Assistant Professor, PHD, Communication, 2009, MA, Communication, 2005, BA, Communication Arts, 2003


Dawson, Abby, L, Lecturer, MAT, Middle Grades Education, Language Arts and Mathematics, 2010,


DeAngelo, Angela, Senior Lecturer, MED, Media, 2000, BA, Social Science Education, 1982,


DeMaio, Joseph, D, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1996, MA, Mathematics, 1994, MA, Mathematics, 1990, BS, Mathematics, 1988,


DeVillar, Robert, A, Professor, PHD, Education, 1987, MA, Education, 1983, MA, Mexican American Studies, 1975, BA, Social Sciences, Latin American Studies, 1967,


DeWitt, Jeff, R, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2005, MA, Political Science, 1998, BA, Political Science, 1993


Dean, Michelle, L, Assistant Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 2011, MS, Chemistry, 2010, BS, Adolescent Education of Biology, 2005, BS, Chemistry, 2005,


Delacruz, Stacy, R, Assistant Professor, EDD, Education, The Teacher as Leader, 2009, MAT, Teaching and Learning, 2005, BA, Early Childhood Education, 2001


Dembla, Pamila, Associate Professor, PHD, Business Administration, Management Information, 2003, MBA, Finance, 1997, BE, Electrical, 1993


Deng, Shangrong, Associate Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1991, MS, Mathematics, 1986, BS, Mathematics, 1982


Derado, Josip, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1999, MS, Mathematics, 1995, BS, Mathematics, 1990


Devaney, Thomas, F, Lecturer, MBA, Accounting, 1991, BSBA, Accounting, 1979,


Devereaux, Michelle, D, Assistant Professor, PHD, Education, English Education, 2010, MED, Adolescent Education, 2004, BS, English Education, 2002


Devine, Patrick, J, Professor, PHD, Psychology, 1980, MED, Counseling and Psychological Services, 1975, BA, Psychology, 1974


Dhanasekaran Swaminathan, Puttagounder, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mechanical Engineering, 2013, ME, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Design, 1983,


Di Pietro, Michele, Professor, PHD, Statistics, 2001, MS, Statistics, 1997,


Dias, Laurie, B, Associate Professor, PHD, Instructional Technology, 2000, MS, Library Media Education, 1991, AB, English, 1987


Dias, Michael, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Science Education, 2000, MED, Secondary Education, 1992, BS, Biology, 1987


Dibble, Valerie, Professor, MFA, Art, 1991, BFA, Art, 1982,


Dickey, Jennifer, W, Associate Professor, PHD, History, 2007, MHP, Heritage Preservation, 1999, MIBS, International Business, 1984, BS, General Business, 1980,


Dillon, Meighan, I, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1987, BA, Mathematics, Philosophy, 1981,


Diong, Billy, M, Associate Professor, PHD, Electrical Engineering, 1992, MS, Electrical Engineering, 1988, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1986


Diop, Oumar, C, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 2002, MA, English, 1988, MA, Linguistics, 1987, BA, Education, 1985,


Dirnberger, Joseph, M, Professor, PHD, Biology/Biological Sciences, 1989, MS, Zoology, 1983, BS, Biology, 1980


Dishman, Mike, L, Professor, EDD, Educational Leadership and Policy, 2007, JD, Law, 1996, BA, English, 1993


Dockery, Christopher, R, Associate Professor, PHD, Chemistry, 2005, BS, Chemistry, 2001,


Doleys, Thomas, J, Associate Professor, PHD, Political Science, 2001, MA, Foreign Affairs, 1992, BA, Political Science, 1990


Dollar, Edward, L, Associate Professor, MS, Health Systems, 1977, BS, Applied Psychology, 1973,


Dominick, Joan, E, Associate Professor, EDD, Adult Education, 1990, MA, Communications Arts and Sciences-History-Criticism, 1975, BA, Communications Arts and Sciences, 1973


Donahue, Amy, K, Assistant Professor, PHD, Philosophy, 2011, MA, Philosophy, 2003, MA, Philosophy of Religion, 1997, AB, Philosophy, 1994,


Donovan, Roxanne, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Psychology, 2004, MA, Psychology, 2002, BA, Psychology, 1998, BBA, Marketing, 1993,


Doral, Murat, Senior Lecturer, MA, Economics, 1988, MBA, Business Administration, 1990, BA, Economics, 1983


Dorff, Robert, H, Professor, PHD, Political Science, 1978, MA, Political Science, 1975, BA, Political Science, 1973


Dorman, B, R, Professor, PHD, Nursing, Nursing Education, 1993, MS, Nursing, Adult Health, 1983, BSN, Nursing, 1977, ASN, Nursing, 1973,


Doss, Bridget, A, Senior Lecturer, MAPW, Composition and Rhetoric, 1998, BA, French, 1993,


Dover, Paul, M, Associate Professor, PHD, History, 2002, BA, History, 1991,


Du, Joshua, Z, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1993, MS, Applied Mathematics, 1982, BA, Mathematics, 1965


Dudenhoeffer, Larrie, Associate Professor, PHD, English, 2010, MA, English, 2003, MAT, Instruction and Learning, English and Communications Education, 1999, BA, Communications English, 1997,


Duff, Jack, L, Senior Lecturer, MS, Chemistry, 1989, BS, Chemistry, 1982,


Duggins, Sheryl, L, Professor, PHD, Computer & Information Sciences, 1991, MS, Computer Science, 1984, BA, Mathematics Education Secondary, 1978


Dupuy, Ashley, M, Librarian Assistant Professor, MLIS, Library and Information Studies, 2009, BS, Economics, 1991,


Durham, Ralph, W, Senior Lecturer, MA, Political Science, 1995, BS, Political Science, 1986,


Dutcher, Cristen, W, Clinical Assistant Professor, JD, Law, 2006, AB, Economics, 2002,


Dytoc, Bronne, Assistant Professor, MBS, Building Science, 1992, BS, Architecture, 1988,


Eanes, Edward, Professor, PHD, Musicology, 1995, MM, Strings, 1986, BM, Violin Performance, 1983


Eaton, Arlinda, J, Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 1979, MED, Curriculum and Instruction, 1976, BS, Education, 1972


Eaves, Yvonne, D, Associate Professor, PHD, Nursing, 1998, MS, Nursing, 1990, BS, Nursing, 1987


Eckford, Alfred, Lecturer, MS, Construction Management, 2002, BBA, Business Administration, 1990,


Edwards, Belinda, P, Associate Professor, PHD, Teaching and Learning, Mathematics Education, 2009, MED, Math Education, 1995, BS, "Mathematics, Computer Science", 1985


Edwards, Steven, R, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1988, MS, Mathematics, 1982, BA, Liberal Arts, 1980


Eisenberg, Ariel, Assistant Professor, PHD, History, 2014, MA, History, 2008, B.A, History, 2004


El-Itr, Zuhair, M, Professor, PHD, Civil Engineering, 1992, MS, Civil Engineering, 1987, BS, Civil Engineering, 1985


Elayan, Khalil, I, Senior Lecturer, PHD, English, 2003, MA, English: Literary Study, 1997, BA, English and American Language and Literature, 1995


Elledge, James, M, Professor, PHD, English, 1986, MS, Library Science, 1973, BA, English, 1971


Ellermeyer, Sean, F, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1991, MS, Mathematics, 1990, BA, Mathematics, 1986


Elley, Kristen, R, Senior Lecturer, MA, Spanish, 2003, BA, Latin American Studies, 2000, BA, Spanish, 2000


Elsawy, Ibrahim, Clinical Associate Professor, PHD, Physical Education, 2004, MS, Physical Education, 1995, BS, Physical Education, 1989


Emerson, Christina, F, Senior Lecturer, MSN, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, 1999, BSN, Nursing, 1979,


Emert, Randall, A, Assistant Professor, MS, Industrial Engineering, 1993, BS, Industrial Technology, 1989,


Ensign, William, E, Professor, PHD, Fisheries and Wildlife, 1995, MS, Ecology, 1988, BA, Political Science, 1982, BA, Zoology, 1982,


Epps, Adrian, L, Associate Professor, EDD, Educational Leadership, 2007, MED, Educational Studies, 1996, BA, Chemistry, 1989


Epps, Kathryn, K, Professor, PHD, Accountancy, 2002, MACCT, Accountancy, 1997, BA, Accounting, 1990


Erlingsson, Thorir, Lecturer, M.I.H., International Hospitality and Tourism Management, 2010,


Esmat, Tiffany, A, Associate Professor, PHD, Physical Education, Exercise Physiology, 2009, MED, Exercise Science, 2005, BA, Exercise Physiology, 2002, BA, Fitness Management, 2002,


Espinoza Hidalgo, Flor, Assistant Professor, PHD, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, 2011, MS, Applied Mathematics, 2002, MS, Mathematics, 2006, BS, Mathematics, 1998,


Evans, James, D, Librarian Professor, PHD, Higher Education, 1997, MLS, Library Science, 1977,


Evans, Linda, S, Associate Professor, PHD, Curriculum and Instruction, 1997, MED, Bilingual Education, 1983, BS, Bilingual Education, 1979


Fadyn, Joseph, N, Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1977, MS, Decision Sciences, 1988, MS, Mathematics, 1974, BA, Mathematics, 1971,


Fallon, Thomas, J, Professor, PHD, Astronomy, 2003, MSEE, Electrical Engineering, 1995, BEE, Electrical Engineering, 1986


Farfan, Eduardo, B, Associate Professor, PHD, Nuclear Engineering Sciences, 2002, MENGR, Nuclear Engineering Sciences, 1999, BS, Nuclear Engineering, 1997, BS, Nuclear Engineering, 1991,


Farooq, Ameen, Professor, PHD, Architecture, 1999, BARCH, Architecture, 1982, MARCH, Architecture, 1983


Farr, Daniel, R, Lecturer, MA, Women's Studies, 2003,


Farr Schiller, Angela, Assistant Professor, PHD, Theatre and Performance Studies, 2014, MA, Africana Studies, 2007, BA, Theatre Arts, 2004


Fatehi, Kamal, Professor, PHD, Management, 1976, MBA, Business Administration, 1972, BA, Business Administration, 1965, BS, Business Administration, 1971,


Fedeli, Lynn, P, Professor, PHD, Spanish, 1971, MA, Spanish Literature-Specialty: 19th and 20th Centuries, 1964, BA, Spanish, 1962


Fein, Melvyn, L, Professor, PHD, Sociology, 1983, MPHIL, Sociology, 1981, BA, Philosophy and Psychology, 1963


Feito, Yuri, Assistant Professor, PHD, Kinesiology and Sport Studies, Kinesiology, 2010, MPH, Community Health, 2007, MS, Clinical Exercise Physiology, 2001, BS, Exercise Science, 2000,


Fenton, Peter, W, Assistant Professor, JD, Law, 1979, BS, Criminal Justice, 1974,


Feraco, Chelsea, D, Limited Term Instructor, BS, Apparel Textile Technology, 2011,


Ferguson, Amanda, N, Assistant Professor, PHD, Biostatistics: Decision Science, 2011, MS, Statistics, 2004, BS, Statistics, 2002, BS, Mathematics, 2002,


Ferreira, Daniel, R, Assistant Professor, PHD, Plant Science, 2012, MS, Geological Sciences, 2008, BS, Environmental Science, 2001


Figueiredo, Sergio, C, Assistant Professor, PHD, "Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design", 2011, MA, English, 2007,


Figueroa, Neysa, O, Assistant Professor, PHD, Foreign Languages and Literature, 2003, MA, Foreign Languages and Literature, 1997, BS, Chemistry, 1987


Flynn, Janice, B, Professor, PHD, Nursing, 2001, MN, Nursing, 1974, BSN, Nursing, 1970


Foote, Stephanie, M, Professor, PHD, Educational Administration, 2009, MED, Student Personnel Services, 1999, BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, 1997


Ford, Jill, C, Assistant Professor, PHD, Educational Studies, 2011, MAT, Education-Social Studies Education, 2001, BA, History, 2001


Forrester, William, R, Professor, PHD, Business Administration, 1986, MBA, Business Administration, Management, 1979, BS, Forestry, 1970


Fowler, Allan, Assistant Professor, MBA, Business Administration, 1995, MED, Education, 2007, BBA, Marketing, 1991


Fowler, Joel, C, Associate Professor, PHD, Mathematics, 1984, MS, Mathematics, 1980, BS, Mathematics, 1980


Frank, Timothy, Assistant Professor, BARCH, Architecture, 2000, MARCH, Architecture, 2004,


Franke, Volker, C, Professor, PHD, Political Science, 1997, MA, Political Science, 1994, MA, Political Science/Sociology, 1990, MPA, Public Administration, 1992,


Frankel, Michael, Senior Lecturer, MS, Statistics, 2000, BS, Mathematics, 1998,


Franklin, Dennis, M, Assistant Professor, MS, Computer Science, 2012, BS, Computer Science, 2009,


Franza, Richard, M, Professor, PHD, Management, 1997, MBA, Business Administration, 1983, BS, Applied Mathematics, 1981


Frinzi, Pamela, S, Professor, MS, Engineering Technology (Electrical), 1994, BET, Electrical Engineering Technology, 1983,


Frisch, Jennifer, K, Associate Professor, PHD, Biological Education, 2005, MS, Environmental Education, 1996, BS, Biological Sciences/Marine Biology, 1994


Fuller, Julia, S, Assistant Professor, EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology, 2011, EDS, Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology, 2008, MA, Elementary Education, 1996, BS, Elementary Education, 1993,


Funk, M, L, Professor, PHD, "Education, Instructional Design", 2005, MED, Mental Retardation, 1994, BS, Administration of Criminal Justice, 1991